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Emotional Family Photo-A Great Grandmother Meets her Great Nephew for the First Time

Patrick Quinn, the founder of the popular web site “Life of Dad”, was shocked by the reactions of people when they saw the photo he posted of his newborn baby and his great grandmother who is 101 years old.


The photo was sent by Sarah Ham from Arizona and she inspired so many people to share emotional, family photos.

Patrick says that one woman sent him a photo of her son and his great grandmother and the age difference between them was 112 years.

“I’m so happy about the positive reactions I got for this beautiful photo. This photo shows the beautiful bond between 2 different generations”, says Patrick.

Grandma Rosa was born Juni, 13-1913. She was the youngest child in her family. Rosa has 3 children, 5 nephews and 12 great nephews. She’s currently living with her daughter in Arizona.

“She was a school teacher for 43 years”, explains Sarah Ham, the person who took this photo.