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Eight Beautiful Trees That are Suitable for use in Small Gardens

Even if you only have a small garden, patio or just a balcony you can still pack a lot of plants in. Including trees, should you want to. Here are 8 wonderful looking small trees you can easily plant and enjoy almost regardless of how much space you have available.

Japanese maple trees


There is nothing more beautiful than a maple tree. Their striking shape, feathery leaves look stunning at any time of the year, especially the red ones. It is also possible to buy maples with leaves that change color through the seasons. The Japanese varieties are slow-growing and tolerate shade, which makes them ideal for patios. 

If you have a lot more space, take a look at the larger varieties. There are over a hundred to choose between. The Norway maple and Silver Maple are particularly attractive.


You get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy a Juneberry. In the spring, they come alive with white flowers. By the autumn you are treated to red berries that gradually turn purple. Then the leaves fade to bronze at the edges before turning a vibrant red. But, they do need a partially shaded or sunny spot.

Rowan trees

If you prefer, yellow berries, consider buying a rowan tree instead. It also needs a sunny or partially shaded spot.

A magnificent magnolia

Magnolias have a reputation for being difficult to grow. But, in reality, provided you have a sunny spot in your garden that is sheltered from cold winds you can easily grow them. They come in several colors. Perhaps the most striking variety is the Magnolia Grandiflora. It has huge hot pink flowers from mid to late spring.

A corkscrew hazel

If you want a tree that looks just as interesting in the winter as it does during the hotter weather. The bare corkscrew-shaped branches are smooth, delicate and interesting. In the spring and early summer, you can enjoy the long yellow catkins.

Ornamental cherry trees

Cherry trees are very popular. The sight of one in full bloom is stunning. Again, there are many different varieties to choose from. So, before buying one, make sure that it carries the right color blossom you want.

Witch hazels

This is quite a delicate tree to grow. It needs well-drained soil that is acidic. But, it is worth the effort. During the early winter, you will be treated to orangey-red or yellow flowers. If you prefer, you can train it to grow as a shrub instead of a tree.

Crape myrtles

For locations that are in full sun, crape myrtles are a wonderful option. They are heat tolerant and do not mind poor soil. 

Learn how to grow trees against your walls

If space is very limited, you may want to have a go at espalier training one or two trees. Most trees can be trained to grow flat against a wall, so that they take up virtually no space. You can find out how to do it, by reading this.