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Efficiently Add Page Numbers to PDF Using PDFBear

Page numbering is the method of allocating a numerical sequence to the pages of a book and other documents particularly in PDFs since we are living now in the digital age. The number may appear in various places on the page, which is known as a page number. Page numbers allow the citation of a specific page of a numbered document. They also assist the reader in finding specific parts of the document and determining the size of the entire text.

Because the majority of people nowadays use PDF, adding page numbers in PDF helps them identify where to find specific information in the PDF. To add page numbers, use one of PDFBear’s most useful PDF editor features, Number Pages. By selecting the specific PDF file, you can add numbers to it.

Number Pages Tool of PDFBear

Efficiently add page numbers to PDF using PDFBear as it has been improved. The goal of PDFBear is to keep the improvements coming and to provide a better PDF tool to end-users. It allows the user to freely set the page number range, starting at what number and ending at what number. Users can also specify the page number range from which their page number will appear and the page number at which it will end. It also allows users to display their page number in a variety of ways, such as “Page number” or “Page number of the total page number.” Users will also be provided the customized option of writing how their page number should appear in their document. It is what PDFBear strives for by providing a large degree of freedom on the site to personalize these viable alternatives.

Numerous tools are available online today, but they do not yet provide the best support and services to digital users. PDFBear is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a web-based tool to add page numbers to PDF. You simply need to use a quick and simple conversion method to meet the specific requirements of your file. The website brags about the speed with which its services are handled. This is a distinctive characteristic because most platforms that provide similar services, whether online or software-based, cannot compete with PDFBear’s speed. While it recognizes that some people are already confident navigating websites, it also takes into account those who have trouble accessing through a maze of icons and hyperlinks. As a result, the website’s layout is simple. It only takes one look to become familiarized.

Methods in Adding Page Numbers to PDF

PDFBear will never jeopardize the security of your files. You can run any type of process on its server without fear of having your files tampered with. This website also makes page numbering easier by organizing the file layout. Keeping this in mind, here are the steps you must take:

With a decent internet connection on your device, visit PDFBear’s website. From the PDFBear tool menu, select the Add Page Numbers to PDF tool. You can now choose which files to edit or change. You can select files from your browser or your Dropbox account. Simply relax and wait for your files to be uploaded. The amount of time you must wait is determined by the speed of your internet connection and the size of the file. Select the position in which you want the page number to appear. Choose your favorite font style and size. PDFBear allows users to customize the page number style to their liking. If you want to begin the page numbering on the second page, classify the first page as the cover page. When you’re done, click the Number pages button. Now you can save the file to your computer or smartphone. You can share the file online using the site’s file link.

Other Efficient Tools of PDFBear
Converting Your Documents to PDF

A free PDF converter is one of the most frequently asked questions about PDFs. Because Adobe programs are not free, PDFBear will see to that and convert your regular files to PDF for free. As you are aware, PDF is the perfect electronic file format for maintaining a smaller file size and fewer formatting and compatibility issues. With PDFBear, you can convert your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and HTML files to PDF in around a minute.

Using PDF Split to Customize PDF Pages

To improve PDF management, we must first learn how to manage PDF pages by discovering how to combine and separate them. You can use PDFBear’s PDF split function if you have dozens of PDF pages compressed into a single file.

PDF Reader

The term “PDF reader” refers to a tool for accessing and reading PDF files and reports. To your surprise, PDFBear’s PDF Reader does more than just open and read PDF files. Similarly, it enables you to open, share, and even provide a high-quality review of your PDF photographs and images.

Delete PDF Pages

PDFBear developed an online tool that allows you to easily and manually delete or erase any document or page on your PDF. This software’s Delete Pages tools provide the most precise deleting process.

Merge PDF

Merge PDF is an online tool that allows users like you to combine multiple PDF files or pages into one. It also provides top merging qualities, which are far higher in quality. There is only one way to use PDFBear’s Merge PDF and online for your data, and that is by going to PDFBear’s page.


It’ll be easier to find the pages that need to be addressed in your presentation if you use page numbers, and it will not impede the workflow process. PDFBear has amazing features that allow you to quickly add pages into a PDF file.

If you need to add page numbers to all of your PDFs, PDFBear is the tool to use. Adding and formatting page numbers has never been simple and easy with PDFBear. You can add page numbers to your PDFs with a few taps, making them more presentable and aesthetically pleasing. You can easily add page numbers for free with PDFBear or its PRO edition.