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How to Effectively Use the Router Table

Ever have difficulties using your router? I bet so. Sometimes, a simple router needs too much effort and perfect balance to avoid mistakes and when you do, it can be very costly. However, as a proof of our advanced technology, a new advance tech device that you can use for your wood industry is already in the market.

Table router is very essential in molding your wood projects and produce a very clean and smooth output. It also creates a clean shape of boarder edges. There might be some instances where it can be very hard to use it but I will teach some tricks how to use a wood router table that will surely help for most starters.Safety Measures.When using a router table, the router bits can be critical because of its speed that requires focus and control to avoid any accidents.

 So below are some important safety measure that can help you before using the router table:
  1. Always move your pace from left to right to control and avoid an incident that might happen when the router bit starts rotating.
  1. Make sure to use rubber handles or anything that would guide you when pushing thoroughly in the router bit.
  1. Unplug the router when changing the bit
  1. Hearing protection is a must.
  1. Make sure to distance your finger from the router bit at least 1 inch when pushing the wood to the bit.
  1. Leave space to expose the shank about one-quarter before tightening the collet nut.
  1. Wear safety glasses.Tricks and How to use the Router TableUsing router table can be risky most especially for starters. It needs a lot of focus in order to perfect the use of the router table however when you have mastered it one step at a time, it can also be very easy and appreciative.


  • When trimming the wood it is safer and easier to do it when you first run the wood to the router bit to create an easy alignment on where to trim the wood.
  • Another trick is when making dowels. It is easier to use the router table most especially when it is hard for you to find the diameter of the species. All you need to do is create or draw a line both 1-inch measure from the router bit to control and measure the movement of your work.
  • When routing end grain, it is very easy to get blowout because it’s much unsupported. So, all you need to do to also save money is to make a hole in the center of the wood to control the energy.

Others might be scared to try this new thing because of the thought of putting a lot of work and effort in trimming or molding wood and also the idea of causing too much money in training are very hard to attain. But along the way, it is very beneficial and the router table provides faster and good output for your wood industry.

Also, it helps in a cleaner and dust-free workplace because of its capability to clean the mess from trimming the wood.Router tables are very helpful in and perfect for easy cutting of edges and molding your own piece of wood. It can be hard at first to learn how to use it but when you do, it will then be very easy for you to handle it that results to high-quality output with less consumed time and money.

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