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Eating Disorder – Its Impact On Your Romantic Relationship

Rather than directly discussing the impact of eating disorders on your romantic relationship, let’s first try to get a clear picture of what these illnesses are all about. Eating disorders can be defined as medical conditions or psychological illnesses which are marked by disturbing habits of food consumption because of a person’s deep concerns towards physical fitness or body weight. What’s really surprising about eating disorders is that they are characterized by both excessive eating and weird dieting patterns or inadequate consumption of food.

That means, even though people are severely concerned about their body weight, they still consume excessive food in some of the eating disorder patterns. On the other hand, some people stop consuming those foods which according to them can increase their body weight. No matter what kind of eating disorder you are suffering from it always have adverse effects on your health. Bing Eating, Anorexia Nervosa, and Bulimia Nervosa are some of the highly common types of eating disorders which affect a large number of people across the world. Eating disorders are those kinds of psychological illnesses which are not only limited to females but males are equally the victims of these mental illnesses.


Here’s The Impact Of Mental Illnesses Like Bing Eating, Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa On Your Romantic Relationship

The significance of relationships is beyond one’s imagination, as we are absolutely nothing without the company, love, care and advice of our near and dear ones. The very idea or the concept of a civilized society is nurtured by relationships. There is no denying the fact that relationships are an integral part of human life and its existence on this remarkable planet. If you talk about the present situation wherein you struggle hard to survive in an extremely competitive world, the support provided by your loved ones helps you to go a long way. That means, in order to survive effectively in this world you always require the love and support of your loved ones such as your family members, spouse, close friends, and colleague with whom you have a good relationship. Therefore you should always try to foster your relationship with everyone around.

However, mental problems especially eating disorders can have a very damaging impact on all your relationships which can eventually have an immensely damaging impact on your health and wellness. As far as your romantic relationship is concerned, eating disorders have a huge potential to spoil it.

Eating Disorders Can Create Gap In Your Relationship

As it has already been mentioned that eating disorders are mental problems, whoever suffers from them faces tremendous complications in their personal relationship.Considering the fact that, people who experience eating disorder start distancing themselves from others including their loved ones and even partners, their relationship begins to damage slowly and gradually. Generally, most of the people share all their secrets, concerns, grievances and love with their spouse and partner, but when they suffer from eating disorder they kind of stop doing all these things which create a gap in their relationship.

Eating Disorder Victims Don’t Spend Time With Their Partner

Eating disorder victims like to spend their time alone because they find it very uncomfortable to share their opinions, feelings and concerns about their body weights with others including their partner. And they hate to talk about the kind of approach they adopt for dealing with their problem such as dieting wherein they completely stop eating a variety of foods which they feel increases their weight.

The Emotional Intimacy Starts Declining Between Couples

The emotional intimacy between the couples begins to decline even if one of them is suffering from these kinds of psychological illness. As one of the partners sinks deep into the thoughts concerning his/her problem, the another one begins to feel ignored which puts their emotional intimacy at risk. In some of the cases, people do understand this problem, however, with the passage of time when they do not see any improvement in the behavior of their partner, the emotional bond between starts worsening then.

People Start Ignoring The Importance Of Their Relationship

A person who has eating disorder remains busy thinking about his/her weight, body shape, and what to eat or quit etc., due to which he/she hardly finds any time to spend with his/her partner. Because of such behavior, the relationship between the couples begins to worsen day by day. Since they hardly spend quality time with each other such as enjoying their food together, going to parties, relishing family get-togethers, and going to movies etc., they come on the verge of a break-up.

Sexual Intimacy Also Diminishes

Since couples hardly spend quality time with each other, they experience a lot of ups and downs when it comes to the sexual intimacy between them. In females, eating disorders can create a lot of complications in the menstrual cycle, which is really dangerous for them. In addition to that, it also leads to imbalances in a variety of hormonal which eventually creates obstacles in driving sexual urge.

Eating Disorder Can Damage Your Relationship With Your Spouse/Partner

Whether you are married and have a spouse or you are unmarried but still have a partner, medical conditions like Bulimia, Anorexia Nervosa, and Bing Eating can have a largely adverse effect on your relationship with your partner. Since the partner suffering from a problem like Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia remain only in his/her own world, it deeply affects the emotional bond between the couple, which results in deteriorating their relationship further.

However, no matter how complicated is the problem faced by you, there is always a solution for it. If you think that your partner is also showing weird eating patterns, you must look forward to effective eating disorder treatment centres, wherein he/she can be treated. It’s very important that such psychological problems are treated effectively, otherwise, they can prove to be life-threatening because a person’s desire to get a beautiful body can take him/her to any extent.