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Eat Yourself Fit The Gordon Ramsay Way

Gordon Ramsay is an internationally renowned chef who is just as famous for what he does outside of his kitchens as he does in them. He has become the ultimate celebrity chef and is a star of the small screen in both the UK and the USA. Ramsay has been awarded a total of sixteen Michelin stars at his restaurants worldwide, and he currently holds seven stars. He has establishments in the UK, France, Singapore and the USA. He sold a fifty percent stake of his North America holding company, and the investors are committed to developing a chain of thirty-five Ramsay restaurants in the USA.

Ramsay did not set out to be a chef. Originally, he wanted to be a footballer, but fate had different ideas for him. He is passionate about fitness as well as the food he cooks and eats. While we might all dream of dining out at one of his restaurants, Ramsay is happy to share his expertise with the home cook. He has written a series of books and has a selection of recipes on his website.

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food

Gordon Ramsay has written this book with his athletes’ and chefs’ heads on. Ramsay wants to share his passion for eating well. So, he has recipes for those training for a triathlon or just leading a busy, active life. The book contains recipes that the reader will enjoy cooking and eating. The idea is to eat delicious food that will leave you in great shape and help you achieve your fitness goals.

The blurb on the book says that it is not a diet book and is not about living off grapefruit or any other faddy thing. Gordon is all about variety and not eating dull food. His ethos is that we should not be eating the same food repeatedly and that just because we want to eat well should not mean feeling deprived.

Ultimate Fit Food argues that what we put into our bodies makes a difference in how it functions. There is nothing controversial about that view. The reader does not just have to take the chef’s word for it, though. Ramsay has worked with a nutritionist who analysed the meals. The recipes in the book are categorized as either Healthy, Lean or Fit

Healthy, Lean and Fit

The Healthy dishes are designed to maintain weight and keep blood sugar levels stable while boosting your nutrition.

Lean recipes will help with weight loss by showing the home cook recipes that combine the right foods that work well with raised activity levels.

The Fit section of the book has meals and snacks to keep you fueled up during training. He also includes recipes to help with recovery and repairing tired muscles.

Recipes include delicious sounding warm lentils with labneh poached egg and crunchy salad, southern Indian fish curry, cheesecake in a jam jar and banana ice cream. Another Fit Food recipe features tray-baked chicken with butter beans, leeks and spinach or maybe you’ll be tempted by the courgetti spaghetti and turkey meatball dish.

No Rules

Ramsay is keen to stress that there are no rules, and people wanting to try eating themselves fit can mix and match ideas from different sections. It is as much about enjoying the cooking and eating as it is about watching what you eat. The book also features vegan recipes.

Hell’s Kitchen

Ramsay is as famous for his outbursts as he is for his food. His TV show Hell’s Kitchen saw professional chefs competing for the head chef job in a series of increasingly challenging tasks. If that is more of the Ramsay experience you want, you might enjoy playing the official Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen online slot game. The chef worked with NetEnt to create one of the best RTP slots in the UK. As with everything he does, perfection is the name of the game. The game is set in his restaurant in Caeser’s Palace, and players will hear his infamous catchphrases.