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Dying Lioness Had No Hope Of Surviving –But See What Happened Next

Two lions, Kahn and Sheila were hired for taking photos and entertainment. The owner who had a lot of lion cubs mistreated and abused these beautiful animals for a profit. Fortunately, the two lions were rescued by Texas’ In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center.


The 6-year-old Kahn was starving and the end of his tail was chewed off. He was easy to treat, but the 15-month old Sheila was very weak.


The young lioness was completely lifeless, weak and motionless. She was dying, but her rescuers didn’t give up on her.

“For two weeks, Sheila was fed from a hand, rolling up meatballs and pushing them down her throat,” said one of the rescuers, Angela Culver.

Sheila had toxoplasmosis, an illness that results in a loss of appetite and lethargy, but with a constant treatment she managed to recover.

“It took some time to recover, but they both did” said Culver.


When Sheila got better, she was moved next door to Kahn. It was love at first sight. They dated for 3 months and then were allowed to get married. Now, they live in a same enclosure. Love was definitely the reason for her recovery.

The animal abuser was charged and he is no longer allowed to keep exotic animals.

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