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DIY Holiday Decorations for Your Home

Feel the holiday magic in your home! Wake up your creativity and make some Christmas and New Year decorations for your home. They’re easy to make and will bring you joy during the winter holidays.

Wreath Made from Candy Canes


Snowflakes Made From Wooden Pegs

Transform your wooden pegs into amazing decorative snowflakes.



Santa’s Sleigh from Candy Canes

You can use the candy canes as the base for the sleigh. Stick a big chocolate bar on them, and in front put a chocolate Santa figure.


Wreath Made Out of Napkins

It’s simple, cheap and effective. Cut out a base for the wreath from a cardboard. Cut the napkins in little squares. Cover a part of the wreath with glue. Stick the napkins on the glue. Cover the whole wreath with glue. Add some red balls and hang the wreath using some decorative ribbon.


Golden Straws


Christmas Tree Made of String

Place some plastic foil over a cardboard cone and cover it with glue. Put the string around the cone and apply some more glue. Leave it overnight to dry. Remove the tree with the foil first, and then gently remove the foil. It’s really important the glue to be dried. Decorate your string tree with some snowflakes.


Christmas Trees Made of White Silicone

Put white silicon over cones made from cardboards. Apply it carefully using a plastic knife. To add some dimension, you can use a fork or a spoon.


Christmas Napkin

Make your Christmas table adorable with these Christmas napkins.


Christmas Pinecones

Spray the pinecones with green spray and leave them to dry. Paint the tips with some white color. You can also add some glitter. Use a cork as a base.


Frozen Pinecones

Cover the pinecones with glue and dip them in salt to get a frozen look.