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Drinking Water Can Help You Burn 490 Calories a Week

It’s no secret that water is great for you and you need to drink it as much as you can! It will give you an energy boost, clear your skin complexion and do wonders for your figure.

One study published by the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” shows that drinking ice cold water on a daily basis can help you lose weight.

The researchers gave participants a task to drink 8 ounces of saline, distilled, sucrose or ice cold water on different days and then they measured the participant’s energy expenditure.

The participants who drank ice cold water managed to burn 7 calories per glass. The cold water makes your body work harder to warm itself and that energy needed for your body to get into normal temperature burns extra calories. It doesn’t seem like a lot of calories, but they add up quickly. Drinking ice cold water every day for a week, will help you burn 490 calories. You’ll eventually lose 7 pounds a year by not doing anything, but lifting a glass of ice cold water.

Don’t forget that if you really want to lose weight, drinking ice cold water shouldn’t be the first priority. To lose weight, you need to incorporate a healthy diet, exercising and of course, drinking lots of ice cold water.