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Don’t Throw Away Baby’s Teeth: They Can Save Your Child’s Life

A research conducted by Dr. Songtao Shi from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial research shows that baby teeth can be used for treating many diseases since they contain valuable stem cells.

Dr. Shi’s team has been researching the effects of stem cells on the brain, heart, pancreas and discovered that baby teeth contain completely different stem cells than adult teeth. These same experts claim that baby teeth can save lives!

How Does This Work?


Those stem cells are found in the tooth’s dental pulp. They regenerate into neurons, cartilage and bone, even cardiac cells. The treatment with these cells can be also effective in treating type 2 diabetes.

To preserve these cells, they need to be alive. The dental pulp needs to have proper blood supply within 48 hours of being frozen.

Dr. Pete Murray, the director of Dental Regenerative Laboratory explains that teeth and oral tissue can be regenerated by the stem cells found in baby’s teeth, third molars, tooth buds and periodontal tissue.

There are many companies that can properly store your baby’s teeth. The teeth are removed by a dental professional and stored professionally. Some companies even offer storage containers so that parents can save the teeth by themselves, at home.

Take a look at the video where oral surgeon Dr. Andrew Slavin is encouraging parents to preserve their baby’s teeth!