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Dog That Has Been Shot 17 Times Defies Odds and Becomes Therapy Dog

Maggie has been found in Lebanon with 17 gunshot wounds, ear cut off, broken jaw and eyes shout out. The poor 5-year old dog was also pregnant when she was found, tied to a box.

Last year was a lucky year for poor little Maggie because she got rescued by a charity organization-Wild On Hearts. After hearing Maggie’s devastating story, an animal lover from Brighton named Kasey, decided to adopt the abandoned dog and offer her a better life. Kasey organized an online campaign and after 6 months, she was able to transfer Maggie from Lebanon to England.

Maggie’s life is now better than ever. She’s a true inspiration and motivation. The brave Maggie even got a license to be a therapeutic dog. Not to mention, she has become an Instagram star with more than 80.000 followers.

Although Maggie has gone through hell, she’s a normal dog with a happy spirit.