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Dog Sacrifices Himself To Save His Entire Family From Fire

The Butler family was asleep in their bed when their home in Florida caught on fire. The fire alarm has beeped a couple of times, but unfortunately it shut down, failing to wake up the family. The family was lucky, because their Jack Russell Terrie, Zippy heard the alarm and realized the dangerous situation.

When Zippy learned that his home was on fire, he started running around the house and barking to wake his family up. The hero canine ran through the fire to wake up his family members, who managed to escape safely. After getting out of the his flaming house, the owner Leroy Butler realized that Zippy was still inside. Leroy tried to get back inside the house to help his dog, but the unfortunately the house was engulfed in flames. Leroy couldn’t do anything but wait for the firefighters. Once the fire got extinguished, Leroy rushed to the house, but only to find Zippy suffocated from the smoke.

“Zippy was just a little Jack Russell terrier, a little black and white dog we adopted 3-4 years ago and he’s just been the house pet. He was really helpful and we’re going to miss him. He did his job, we rescued him, and I guess he returned the favor,” said Leroy.

Source: BoredPanda