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Dog Run Over by Train Gets Rescued By Her Furry Friend

A dog in Ukraine laid on the train track for 2 days because she was so injured she couldn’t move. Luckily, Lucy (the injured dog who later got named by the man who shared this story) wasn’t all alone. Panda, another dog was by her side. Anytime a train was coming, Panda curled up on the tracks beside Lucy. Before the train reached them, Panda would nudge Lucy’s head down so that the train won’t hurt them while rushing over their heads. The two friends were facing death time and time again, pressed against each other, making sure they’re safe.


One day, Denis Malafeyev got a call from a friend who has seen the dogs on the train track near Tseglovka, a village in Ukraine. Denis rushed to the spot to find out that Panda wasn’t only protecting Lucy from the train but also from people too.

“Several attempts to remove the animal from the rail were in vain. Because the dog strongly defended her from us,” Malafeyev wrote on Facebook.


Denis watched the terrifying scene for hours, every time the train was coming, Panda was pushing Lucy’s head and both were getting down so the train won’t kill them.

“He warmed her for hours,” Malafeyev added. “So she’s not cold and put himself in danger every time.”

Denis, who constantly helps dogs, earned Panda’s trust and managed to get close enough to pick up Lucy. Of course, Panda had to come along. They kept each other warm again but this time in Denis’s car as he was taking both dogs to the local shelter. The dogs received medical help and they’re now up for adoption.


“It is great to think of the animals. This is not my heroism. It is Panda’s,” said Denis.

Watch the video below: