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Dog Owner Captures Her Dying Pet’s Last Moments Through Pictures

Life was becoming really hard to live for Hannah, the 11-year old pit bull terrier-Labrador mix. She was living with arthritis in her hips and constant seizures. Hannah was taking meds to help her, but unfortunately, they were only making her worst. Nothing could help the beautiful Hannah, so her owner Kyle Amick was faced with a devastating decision. Seeing her dog living a life in constant pain with seizures, taking tons of meds that don’t work was extremely hard, so Kyle decided to set her best friend free.

“I finally decided that keeping her on the meds was selfish, but keeping her off of them was just as cruel,” Amick stated.

Kyle decided to make their last day together extra special, so she photographed each step of their heartbreaking and beautiful final day.

Their last day began with a car ride. Kyle was so sad to see how difficult is for Hannah to even take a small step.

Kyle knew deep in her heart that Hannah’s time had come and that’s why she wanted to give her the most special last day ever. The decision to put down Hannah was the hardest decision ever, but she knew deep down that she had Hannah’s full support.

The pair’s first stop was to an aromatherapy bath in PetSmart. After that they went to grab something to eat. Hannah has her last fast food meal.

“We took a long drive home to enjoy the treats and so she could stick her head out the window,” Amick said.

After the meal, they went home to rest a bit. Hannah loved laying around the house and cuddling.

Kyle even took Hannah for her last playdate with her best friend Vinny. She was so happy and vital, jumping around and playing.

“She seemed to be a bundle of energy when we brought Vinny out to play with her. Vinny’s been her buddy for nearly nine years,” says Kyle.

Shortly after the play date, Hannah felt tired and she had to lay down and rest. Kyle painted her toenails pink for the last time.

It was time to go and say goodbye. The pair took their final car ride to the vet. Kyle layed down next to her beloved Hannah for a last photo together.

“I don’t think there was a single person there at the vet that didn’t cry with us,” Amick said.

Kyle posted every photo of their last day on her Snapchat and soon after, their last special day went viral. Kyle received support from many people around the world.

“Hannah was honestly my best friend. I only did what I knew was best for her in the end. Hannah’s my baby and I love her and as a friend of mine said, if anything good can come out of this loss, it’s that she is touching so many lives with her story,” says Kyle.

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