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Dog Gives Birth Moments After Being Rescued, In The Back Seat

Rebecca Lunch was enjoying her vacation with her husband in Savannah, Georgia. Their vacation was coming to an end, when she decided to make an unplanned stop and bring home a meaningful “souvenir”.

“I know that Georgia has a lot of rural, high-kill shelters and I knew I wanted to save the neediest dog from a shelter before I went home. I had space in my car and wanted to help,” explains Rebecca.

Rebecca heard the story about Lizzy, the young terrier who was pregnant and was going to be euthanized, so she couldn’t let Lizzy suffer anymore.

The couple got Lizzy from the shelter, placed a bed and a blanket in the back seat and they were ready to take her to her new home in Florida.

“About an hour in, she finally relaxed and rubbed her little head into my hand while I pet her. Once she felt safe and comfortable, she decided it was time. She started panting and she got restless; I told my husband, ‘I think she’s in labor!’,” says Rebecca.

20 minutes later, Lizzy gave birth to her first puppy in the back seat of the car. Rebecca was her midwife, helping Lizzy have an easy birth and making sure the puppies are safe.

By the time the couple got the vet, Lizzy has already given birth to 3 puppies. Lizzy was a pro. She gave birth to one more puppy at the vet, and two more on the car ride home.

The little family is doing great! Lizzy and her puppies will be at the vet a couple more days before returning to Rebecca’s house.

“Lizzy is a doll. Bless her heart, with all that she’s been through in her short life, she is so loving and trusting. She is a gentle and loving soul. Pretty remarkable,” says Rebecca.