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Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles Away From Shore Gets Her Happy Ending

This is a story like you’ve never heard before! Workers on an oil rig out in the gulf of Thailand were having an ordinary work day when they spotted something extraordinary – a dog swimming. You might say that there’s nothing extraordinary because some dogs can and enjoy swimming. Well, this dog was swimming 135 miles away from the shore!

The moment workers spot the poor canine, they rushed to help him. They lowered a rope and pulled the dog to safety. The dog stayed on the rig for two nights and got nice foods and accommodation. After 2 days, the canine was headed back to shore and taken to the vet. The vet did a full check and they found the dog to be fully healthy.

No one knows how the dog got there! Khon Vitisak, the man who rescued her, is glad everything turned great and he wants to adopt her if no owner comes forward.

“We found her trying to swim towards our rig, which is about 135 miles from the shore. Thankfully the sea was quite still because the wind was calm. We just saw her small head but if the ripples were bigger, I think we probably wouldn’t have noticed her at all. After she made it onto the bars below the rig she didn’t cry or bark at all. We looked for a way to help her and in the end, decided to use the rope to tie around her body to lift her up. When we first took her onboard her she was depressed and tired from being in the water for a long time. She had lost her body water. When he gave her water and minerals her symptoms improved. She started sitting up and walking normally,” says Khon.