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Dog With Deformed Face Is About To Be Killed, Then The Vet Does the Right Thing

A 4-month-old puppy with a completely deformed face was brought to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio in April 2016. The poor little dog was named Squish and he was in such a bad shape he couldn’t even eat. Besides his deformity the puppy had so much love to give.

The vet staff thought it was best for Squish to be put down, since he was getting weaker and couldn’t get the needed nutrition. But one vet didn’t want to give up and wanted to give the puppy another chance. Eileen Heldmann decided to bring him to a specialist who X-rayed Squish’s head to see how serious the damage was. What they have discovered was really shocking. Squish had been hit so hard that his skull and upper jaw had been fractured. That’s why he couldn’t open his mouth at all.

Although the required operations for Squish to survive were too expensive, his veterinarian wanted to give this loving dog the life he truly deserves. At the same time an intern from the same animal shelter also wanted to help. Danielle Boyd decided to bring the puppy home the night before his schedule to be euthanized. She wanted him to spend his last night in a real home instead of in a cage. Then, something incredible happened.

Danielle fell in love with Squish immediately. She just couldn’t leave this abused dog and still so kind and trusting to be killed. The next day, she and Eileen operated on Squish. After the operation, the puppy was able to eat on his own again. He lost some teeth, a bit of his jaw and his eye, but he healed very quickly after the surgery.

Now the puppy with deformed face is happy, cuddling with Danielle, who decided to keep Squish and be his loving owner.