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Dog Chained Up During Flood In Texas Gets Adopted By Her Rescuer

Do you remember the dog who was chained and trapped in front of a flooded house in Fort Bend Country, Texas? This dog almost lost her life when she was clearly on the verge of drowning, but luckily Sheriff Troy E. Nehls discovered her on time, while he was out on a boat assessing the damage caused by recent flooding.


“The only thing we could see was her head above the water,” said Nehls. “I had a news crew with me filming the flooding, and I said, ‘We have to get that dog out.”

Nehls and his team after realizing that the dog was trapped and couldn’t swim away, managed to free her. Nehls brought the dog to the Houston Humane Society, where she was checked for her health condition.  It turned up that she was in a good health.


Another good news was that Nehls and his family decided to adopt her, and named Her Archer.

“On Sunday, my family went to the Humane Society to introduce ourselves to Archer,” said Nehls. “Then we made a family decision to adopt Archer. We took her home that day, and it’s been wonderful ever since.”



There were thousands of negative comments on Internet about his previous owner who left the dog tied up in the first place. We are so happy that Archer now has a new life and new loving home.

Check out the video of Archer’s rescue:

Source: The Dodo 

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