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Does PRP Treatment Work & Is it Safe?

Has hair loss become a major concern in your life off late? If so, then you must go for a good hair loss solution or therapy session that heals your injured joints and restores damaged hair. More than millions of men and women have experienced baldness once they enter their late forties. But life is too short to complain about all of that. Hence, we are going to recommend you PRP treatment. A trending treatment method that has taken the medical world by storm, PRP has grown intensely in the past couple of years. Being an emerging treatment, PRP therapy helps you regrow lost hair and barely has any side effects. So if you want to learn more about this treatment, keep reading this post.

How does the process work?

Doctors started using PRP approximately 10 years ago, not to treat hair loss but to heal damaged joints after experiencing any kind of surgery/injury.

During treatments, technicians draw blood, spin them in a centrifuge, and then separate the plasma & platelets. Doctors will inject your plasma, repair your blood vessels, promote the growth of cells and consequently boost collagen production.

Doctors have also started using PRP in dermatology, especially after the researchers found out that there is a huge concentration of plasma cells that will boost hair growth and prolong the growing hair cycle phase.

Doctors also like to inject plasma inside the scalp when hair loss has occurred. They also administer injections every few months and then it spreads over a period of 3-4 months or even 2 years. The schedule of injection will have to depend on your pattern, genetics, hormones, age, and hair loss.

Since the treatment is cosmetic, the insurance won’t cover the entire procedure. It will however cost you somewhere between five hundred to a thousand dollars for every session.

Does it ensure good results?

A recent study in 2014 conducted by researchers in India showed that men who have experienced baldness due to age have seen positive changes in their hair growth.

Once four PRP treatments were done, people saw approximately 30% more growth in their thinning areas.

A study conducted in Italy also suggested that male patients have also experienced density in the hair and other areas whereas doctors have used PRP therapy.

Other doctors also suggested that to see a solid improvement, you should give time somewhere between 2-3 months. After that, you’ll be able to see hair growth up to 40%.

However, always consult with an expert before getting a PRP injection. If you have anemia, low platelet count, infections, or cancer, then avoid this treatment. Also, do note that PRP treatments are not covered by insurance. So if you are getting it for any cosmetic reason, chances are your insurance won’t cover the cost. You might require many sessions if you actually want to see some good results. Also, you might want to take a second opinion and study about the topic a bit more before you try this treatment.