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Doe Deere: An Entrepreneur Who Inspires Us All

Beauty is not perfection, beauty is an expression. Beauty is vibrant, beauty is not dull. But in 2008 Doe Deere made beauty a crime. Doe Deere is Founder and Ceo of the New York based cosmetic company called Lime Crime Cosmetics. With its colorful, array of color palettes Lime Crime is far from your typical cosmetic company. Doe Deere is not interested in creating natural, or dull looking products. Lime Crime cosmetic line is a symbol of freedom and self-expression for all the customers who wear it.


Doe Deere was born in Russia, but raised in New York City. Coming from those humble beginnings it is now Doe’s passion to offer mentorship and inspiration to other female entrepreneurs. She frequents events such as the Vegas Nays Starbucks tour, and the Phamexpo motivating all the people she meets along the way. It is the little efforts by Doe Deere to share her success, that truly separates the Lime Crime brand from the rest. Doe Deere largely attributes the success of Lime Crime cosmetics to the positive uplifting employees she has working for the company. Understanding that attitude reflects leadership, Doe Deere chooses to inspire her employees with positive reinforcement.

Doe Deere started her entrepreneurial journey at 13 years old when she still lived in Russia. She created a market in school for her temporary tattoos by wearing them around school herself, once her classmates noticed the tattoos she then sold tattoos to the curious kids around school. Still, to this day when Doe Deere has a new product she first wears them on herself before releasing them to the public.

Before Doe Deere became the Lime Crime Queen, she was making her ends in New York City playing in a band. Although the band never made it big, Doe Deere gained a lot from the experience. Doe learned a lot about how beauty marketing is important in branding your company, and how loyal supporters are the life blood to any brand. However the most important thing Doe got out of the band was the relationship she built with her former band mate, and her now husband Mark Deere.

Today Doe Deere lives in Los Angeles with her husband and President of Lime Crime Cosmetics Mark Deere. Together they are continuing to grow their cosmetic Brand as well as inspiring other female entrepreneurs along the way. The advice she gives young girls who are looking for inspiration is to always follow your heart and never stop dreaming. Beauty is not perfection, beauty is expression. Beauty is vibrant, beauty is not dull, beauty is crime.

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