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Discover 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Kombucha Based on Evidence

Kombucha tea is a fermented drink that has been consumed throughout the ages. It provides the same benefits as you would find in tea, but it’s also full of healthy probiotics. Here are seven reasons why you should be adding kombucha to your regular diet as soon as possible.

1. Source of Probiotics

Kombucha is made by adding certain bacteria, sugar, and yeast to green or black tea. The mixture is then allowed to ferment for at least a week, and during this time, a film appears on the surface, which provides the kombucha with its goodness. This film is called a scoby, and once you have one, you can continue to ferment new kombucha tea.

During the fermentation process, acidic acid is produced along with lactic acid bacteria, which may have the same function as probiotics. These probiotics can help with weight loss, reduce inflammation in the gut, aid digestion, and much more.

2. Provides Green Tea Benefits

If you make your kombucha using green tea, you can receive the same benefits from the drink as you would from consuming green tea on its own. Green tea is a superfood that contains powerful antioxidants that may reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, including breast and prostate cancers. Green tea can also balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels and help you burn off more calories.

3. Can Kill Bad Bacteria

Kombucha, made from either green tea or black tea, has strong antibacterial properties that help fight off bad bacteria and yeast from candida in the body. This is due to the acetic acid found in the tea, which helps suppress the undesirable growth of yeast and bad bacteria. This acid, however, does not affect the good bacteria and natural yeasts in the human body.

4. May Reduce the Risk of Developing Heart Disease

Studies on rats have shown that kombucha tea can significantly improve the good cholesterol called HDL in as little as 30 days. As well, kombucha tea has been noted to prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol particles. This LDL is thought to be a contributing factor to heart disease.

5. May Provide Protection against Cancer

Cancer consists of uncontrolled growth of cells and cell mutations, and studies performed using test tubes have shown that kombucha can prevent the spread and development of these cancerous cells. The science is not completely understood yet, but more research is being carried out in this field. While studies are ongoing, you should be drinking kombucha tea for all of the other health benefits that it is known to provide.

Kombucha tea is full of probiotics that can provide several different health benefits. It can be prepared at home using a kombucha scoby that starts the fermentation process. If you need a scoby to get started, you can purchase one online from a trusted kombucha site dedicated to helping people brew healthy fermented teas at home.