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Dip and Acrylic Nail Powder – Stay Glamorous for Less

For women, having their nails done adds a level of self-confidence. However, maintaining the nails can be quite a problem, especially after a few days when the paint starts to chip off. Fortunately, something better come along – dip and acrylic nail powder. There are many questions about dip and acrylic nail powder, such as how much do dip nails cost? Are they safe?

How long does dip powder last?

Dip powder nails are in between a regular manicure and a fake acrylic nail. A base coat activator is applied to the nails, and you dip your nails into a jar of your chosen powder colour and finish off with a topcoat sealant. Unlike the regular manicure that could last for only a week or two, dip and acrylic nail powder last for four weeks without the need for ultraviolet light.

Dip and Acrylic Nail Powder by Fairy Glamor

If you want to experience dip powder nails, look no other than Fairy Glamor. It is one of the premier providers of dip and acrylic nail powder. Some of its most sought after products include the always naked collection, cute melody pink chunky glitter nail powder, Easter dip, and fairy dust collection. The woman behind Fairy Glamor is Sydney Howe, is a product engineer by profession and an acrylic nail enthusiast. She came up with such ideas and spent years formulating and perfecting a powder that will serve as a dip and an acrylic nail too. It was a trial and error until last year she finally able to find the right manufacturer. Through these efforts, you can now enjoy dip and acrylic nail powder right in the comfort of your home.

The Fairy Formula

Fairy Glamor was created to be a game-changer in the nail fashion industry. It aims to be totally different from the rest but in a good way. Sydney makes sure that the one she’s going to offer is something she will not only love but proud of. When Fairy Glamor was created, the original goal was to develop products for nail salons and technicians. True enough, it was able to accomplish its goal. In fact, it even exceeded the expectation product-wise. Many were able to avail the products because of the quality without digging a hole in the pocket.

From a vision that came to life today, Fairy Glamor is a highly reputable brand in the nail fashion industry. It has over 130 unique colour options – all compatible with dip and acrylic systems. There are tons of colours and shades to choose from – from the basic to extraordinary such as chrome, glow in the dark, colour changing, and holographic, to name a few. Those who are looking for dip and acrylic powder can now purchase straight from Fairy Glamor. Bulk orders are welcomed with special discounts so you can start your own professional nail service without breaking a bank. You’ll be able to offer a full-service professional nail salon using high-quality products at a reasonable price.