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Differences between a Wood-Fired Oven and a Regular Oven

Few things have managed to withstand the test of time, like wood-fired ovens. They have been in use in one form or another while simultaneously remaining remarkably unchanged. It is interesting to note that wood-fired ovens predate even the ancient Greeks, although they are the ones who came up with the design iteration in use everywhere today.

Regular ovens are direct descendants of wood-fired ovens. They are a manifestation of evolution and technological advancement where whatever changes are made to the appearance and design simply reflect the times. Regular ovens today are considered to be conventional, while wood-fired ovens are a bit of a novelty.

When it comes to cooking, both oven types can perform the same essential function; baking. From this point, their similarities diverge and become rather significant differences; including:


Wood-fired ovens burn at considerably higher temperatures than regular ones. Their highest heat registers at almost double that of the gas type. Despite the difference, wood-fired ranges also have more even heat distribution within the cooking space. This advantage transfers to the food made within.


Using wood to prepare dishes imparts a deep, distinct flavour to the food. It also gives food an irresistible smoky flavouring reminiscent of cooking over a campfire. The smokey notes vary according to the type of wood you burn in the oven.


The high temperatures in wood-fired ovens serve as locks that keep vital juices from escaping the food. As a result, you get juicy, flavourful dishes that keep your mouth watering throughout.

Faster Cooking

Higher oven temperatures in wood-fired ovens enable you to cook faster than when using regular ranges.  This way, you can eliminate lengthy waits and get right down to enjoying your food.

Overall Health

A factor of faster cooking is that the food retains more nutrients. On the other hand, the longer a meal takes to be rendered well done, the more likely it is to dry out, losing crucial vitamins and minerals in the process.

Better Crusts

The secret to an exceptional bread or pastry lies in your ability to produce a crisp well-done exterior with a soft and chewy inner layer. Using a wood-fired oven to bake your dough makes it much easier to achieve that goal. That is what makes pizzas and loaves of bread from wood-fired ranges so irresistible.

Cooking Experience

In this day and age, spending time outdoors for some relaxation is less common, although it is also becoming vogue again. Consequently, the idea of outdoor cooking is novel. The opportunity to cook in a space other than the regular old kitchen with a conventional oven will motivate anyone to fire up the wood-fired oven.  Its simple yet timeless design makes the stove a natural centrepiece. It pulls double duty as a cooking vessel and a source of heat so that you can comfortably hold court while showing off your cooking skills.

Despite the convenience of a reasonably powerful regular oven, its conventionality has become a weakness. The novelty of a wood-fired pizza oven makes it more enjoyable more interesting to use. Moreover, the culinary outcomes differ significantly with food made in wood-fired ranges garnering more favour and appreciation. This distinction makes the wood-fired pizza oven a worthy investment.

Gather every recipe book within reach and bookmark your favourite pages. Then, it is time to discover what you can do with a wood-fired pizza oven. Contact a local technician to get more information about selecting, purchasing and installing one in your home. Soon, you will have a new addition that will act as a central gathering space where you can have your fun and eat it too.