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Diamond Ring Shopping 101: How And Where To Buy Your Engagement And Wedding Jewelry In The USA

Traditionally, nothing speaks of love better than diamonds when it comes to tying the knot with your special one. This goes true for choosing diamond jewellery for a wedding too. However, choosing a diamond engagement ring can be a tricky process than being just a heartfelt gesture. There are so many aspects to take care of before you select the one for you.

Here is a comprehensive guide with all the detailed information you need before setting out to buy your wedding jewellery; a traditional diamond wedding ring or a diamond wedding ring from hair in the USA that you and your partner would cherish forever.

Select engagement rings and jewelries for your wedding can be tricky

Everything You Should Know Before Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Or Wedding Jewelry

1. Understand The Diamond Basics (4C’s)

These four characteristics graded professionally on a consistent scale are a method of evaluating diamonds. The quality of diamonds is based on 4C’s. You can ascertain if a diamond is a high-quality one by reviewing these 4C’s.


A cutter’s skills are evaluated considering finishing details of the diamond, quality of the angles, facets, and proportions to determine the quality of the cut. The cut of the diamond determines how captivating it is to the eye.


Diamonds are of many hues. They can be colourless to light brown or yellow. Colourless diamonds are the most precious. Here, we have to keep in mind that a diamond’s colour is evaluated based on how colourless it is.


A diamond may have internal or external characteristics. Known as inclusions and blemishes, these determine the clarity. The more a diamond is without inclusions or blemishes, the better is its clarity.


The physical weight of the diamond is measured in metric carats. One carat equals 200 mg subdivided into 100 points.

These 4C’s interact with each other and impact a diamond’s structure and appeal. The right balance of these 4C’s is important while choosing your diamond engagement ring and wedding jewellery. A lab-grown diamond, like a diamond from hair, is also judged on these criteria.

2. Find The Right Jeweler

A reputed jeweller must be an expert in the selection, grading and sale of diamonds. If a United States jeweller is a member of Jewelers of America, they are committed to a code of professional practises and can be trusted with confidence.

The best jewellers are passionate, ready to assist their customers with all their knowledge. They will show you the diamond wedding jewellery on offer and explain to you the nuances of grading and valuing diamonds. If you find such a jeweller, trust your gut.

3. Get The Right Measurements

An engagement ring should fit snugly on a finger – fitting enough not to fall off, and sliding it off should be easy with using some pressure. You can visit the local jewelry store to get your finger measured or do it on your own. Ring sizers or ring sizing kits available online are helpful if you measure at home. Measure room temperature at the end of the day to ensure accuracy. You can also place a ring already in use on the USA ring chart. This is also helpful if you want to surprise your partner with the ring.

4. Always Buy Certified Jewelry

In the USA, a credible diamond certification will not only ensure that you are buying authentic gems, but it might also come in handy later if you want to upgrade the engagement ring or the wedding jewellery or gift them to posterity. During certification, an independent gem lab tests and assesses the diamond’s quality. The certified diamonds come with this written report, with their unique number. Many diamonds also have this certification number inscribed on their outer edge.

The labs take the 4C’s into account and test the quality of diamonds impartially. Some reputed gem labs you should look for are GIA, AGS, GCAL, IGI, and EGL. Even if you are going for a lab-grown diamond, certifications are an absolute must, even if you are choosing a diamond made from carbon hair.

Where To Buy An Engagement Or Wedding Ring In The USA

A diamond engagement ring can range from anywhere between $3,500 to $5,000. However, the price depends not only on the quality of the diamond but also on where you buy it.

1. Brick And Mortar Jewelry Stores

Brick and mortar jewellery stores are the traditional way of buying engagement rings and wedding jewellery. They allow you to see what jewellery you are going for. You will be attended to by trained professionals through the available options and provided with suggestions. You might also be able to try the jewellery you wish to buy for your big day.

2. Online Vendors

Online stores are convenient and more affordable. In the absence of the need to pay for a storefront, online jewelry sellers often offer lower prices. Most of them also offer a larger selection of natural and lab-grown diamonds than brick and mortar stores. They can be the best places to buy engagement rings. Suppose you are looking for a unique gem at a lower price. Make sure to do thorough research about the certifications. If you want to buy a diamond from hair, online websites are the most convenient.

3. Diamond District

If you enjoy shopping from shop to shop, like a flea market, the NYC Diamond district might interest you. They have a wide variety on offer, sometimes diamonds bought here can be the cheapest one of all the options. However, you should take your time and inspect the certifications before settling for the diamond.

4. Local Jewelers

Another traditional favourite, the local jewellers, can be best if you want to customize your engagement ring or wedding jewellery. Whether you want your or your partner’s name to be inscribed on the ring or recreate your grandparent’s wedding jewellery design, visit your local jeweller. However, they might have a large variety in comparison to the other options. If your town doesn’t offer a lot of choice, visit the nearest city in the area. For instance, for anyone living in Arizona, the best option would be to browse Phoenix jewelry shops, as this is the most populous city and you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

Diamond Engagement Rings Made From Hair: A Personalized Way To Say I Do!

1. Welcome to The World Of Diamond Engagement Rings Made From Hair

The engagement ring is more than any adornment. It is a sign of love and commitment for the sacred bond between partners.

Lab grown diamonds have an unique idea on offer.  You can now get a diamond from the hair of your partner or you for your engagement ring.

2. What’s The Significance Of Creating Engagement/Wedding Jewelry From Hair

The diamond from hair will be like the bond between the two of you – truly unique. With the encased hair in the ring, the essence of your love will get encapsulated too. The ring will also be a loving reminder of your commitment and devotion.

3. How’s This Scientifically Possible?

Diamonds are formed by carbon atoms that withstand intense heat and pressure over some time. As strange as it might sound, you can now get a diamond from hair thanks to technology! The carbon from the human hair is extracted and converted into graphite. The graphite is then exposed to high heat with a diamond seed for several weeks, and voila! You have a diamond from hair. The gem is then cut as per the customer’s requirement.

Reputed sellers like Sunny Eden typically take around six months to grow a diamond from hair. Their costs start from $2000 and are much cheaper than the real ones.

The diamond from hair- a unique way to mark your eternal love

Armed with all this information, you should be able to buy the right engagement ring and wedding jewelry that would not only speak of your love but also adorn you well on your big day. Whether you get a natural diamond or use the diamond from hair, choose the one that makes you and your partner happy. Whatever jewelry or engagement you choose, keep in mind that this will be a treasured part of your life forever.