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Diagnose the Problem of Diabetes and Act Early

Diabetes mellitus is meant ‘sugar urine disease’. This is considered a condition in which a person’s blood sugar tends to be abnormally high and it becomes so high that a little amount of sugar gets excreted in a person’s urine. This happens from a disturbance of the action of insulin and normal glucose metabolism. Though a diabetic life is a little tough to maintain, yet it is a good life. You just need to have patience and get your treatment started immediately. And this process is never possible until and unless you don’t get ideal diagnoses for your problem.

If the diabetes symptoms in women get diagnosed early, then they can surely avoid the serious intensity of this problem. Because of the hectic lifestyle of today’s women, diabetes has turned into a common problem with the modern day women. The ratio of women who suffer from diabetes has intensified during the recent years. However, the symptoms do differ from one woman to another. Women who suffer from diabetes tend to suffer from sexual and hormonal disorders and they mostly suffer from problems like normal secretion of white cells, yeast infection in the vagina, and complications during their menstrual cycle. Again, diseases connected to sexual organs are habitually discovered in diabetic women.

Types of diabetes

Type I diabetes – This type of diabetes is recognized as an autoimmune disease and it mainly happens when your immune system attacks plus destroys the beta cells present in your pancreases. When you don’t have a properly functioning pancreas then you don’t possess the insulin that you require to clear glucose levels from your blood. Nearly 5% of women do suffer from type 1 diabetes. This type of diabetes gets triggered by some environmental events, like a virus and it generally happens during the childhood days.

Type 2 diabetes – This type of diabetes is common compared to the type 1 diabetes. There are a couple of things which results in higher levels of blood sugar and they are:

  • Insulin resistance turns strong and so, the levels of blood glucose remain high.
  • The pancreatic beta cells turn exhausted and develop much less insulin and it happens during the later phases of diabetes.

Gestational diabetes – This kind of diabetes is considered high levels of blood sugar at the time when a woman is pregnant. Nearly one out to ten women does develop this problem during her pregnancy period and nearly half of these women suffer from type 2 diabetes.

The usual symptoms

The diabetes symptoms in women include:

  • Accidental weight loss, extra hunger, fatigue and they can happen when your body fails to use blood glucose properly.
  • Excessive thirst plus urination because your body continues to work for counterbalancing the excessive amount of sugar in your system.
  • Impaired wound healing and tingling and numbness in your hands and feet. Additionally, women suffer from skin infections and from damage triggered by glucose.

However, it should be remembered that you might experience these symptoms after diabetes has progressed in your body. And there aren’t any prediabetes symptoms in women. So, you should have a consultation with your physician without any delay if you come across any of the symptoms mentioned above.

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