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Deciding Whether Your Prom Dress Style Is Classic or Trendy?

It can be nice to define the style of your dress. This is useful if you’re shopping for a specific style near you or if you want to explain to a group of friends or a date what style of dress you’re wearing. It can be useful to ensure they complement you instead of clashing.

Of course, providing your dress falls within the guidelines at your school and general etiquette then you can wear any type of dress you want. Your prom, or Formal, is one of the last times you’ll see many of the people from your school. It’s an opportunity to give a great last impression.

But, you can only do that if you find a dress you feel fabulous in.

Going Trendy

In prom terms, trendy means a more modern approach to the prom dress. This covers figure-hugging dresses, shorter dresses, and even those that like to show a little extra cleavage. Of course, trendy doesn’t have to mean you’re showing more flesh.

It simply means being aware of the latest fashion trends and incorporating them into your prom dress. The advantage of this approach is that your dress could be used again. Choosing the trendy option also means that you’re likely to spend a little less on the dress. You only have to look at this impressive selection from Hello Molly to see some of the stunning options available.

But, remember, if you’re going with trendy, make sure you are comfortable wearing the style. If you’re comfortable you’ll feel more confident and this will help you to look stunning whatever you’re wearing.


The classic prom dress is still very popular and for good reason. It’s often referred to as the princess cut. In essence, a classic prom dress is long, flows out from the waist, and has relatively broad shoulder straps.

You’ll look and feel like your favourite fairy tale princess. This can be an appropriate look as you’re going to a very special one-off event. But, again, you need to feel comfortable in your choice of dress.

Consider Your Style

While some special occasions can be a great opportunity to try different styles, prom is not one of these. Consider your usual style and your body shape. Thinking about these things while looking at dresses will help you to stay grounded. That’s the best way to locate a dress that looks good on you, fits properly, and is within your budget.

The good news is that there will be plenty of different dress styles on the big night. You don’t need to worry about looking like everyone else. Instead, try on several dresses and make sure you have the one that you know you look good in.

You’ll be surprised at how much difference that makes to your confidence and the overall prom experience.

Don’t forget, you only get to go to one prom. Have fun shopping and experimenting to make sure you choose the right dress!