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Dating During the Golden Years

Dating in the golden years, might seem intimidating, but it’s surprisingly hasn’t changed that much in those thirty or so years. While many of us have been divorced or our spouses have moved on to the next life that doesn’t mean that we have to remain by ourselves in our golden years. It might seem scary at time especially after being out of the “game” for so long.  But, it all depends on how many risks you’re willing to take. Asking someone out is always going to be hard, but if you try just a little bit you’ll discover that the rewards are immense. Considering how easy it is to become lonely as we age this is important as a new relationship can breathe meaning into our lives.

One of the best advice that can be given to us is that there is no need to rush into a relationship. Both the biggest advantage/disadvantage that we have is that we have a lot of leisure time available to us. Time was something that simply wasn’t an option in our youth as we had to work full-time and often be responsible for rather large families. But, this is where a retirement home can provide the biggest opportunities for dating during the best days we’ll ever have. Depending on the retirement home you choose, you can find some of them host plenty of social events and these are great opportunities to meet the other folk in the home.

You’ll have ample time to get to know them, so there is no need to rush in dating them. Once you work up the courage to ask them out, you’ll often be pleasantly surprised at the amount of positive responses that will be obtained. The next part hasn’t changed much as you’ll discover that dating for seniors is still very much the same as it was back in the good old days. A nice dinner, a good movie, and even a nice time in the lounge reminiscing about the days of our youth are some of the best experiences that can be shared amongst us. It turns out that many of those people will have very similar experiences and being able to share them helps close the gaps between ourselves.

An interesting aspect to consider is that chivalry is certainly not dead, and opening doors, moving chairs, and simply listening to them attentively go a long way in successful dating. People in our age group love the feeling of making a difference, and knowing that we’re still attractive and matter is very important. You’re not always going to be successful though, and some dates will still go better than others. It’s just important to remember that as long as you’re willing to be honest others will reciprocate your feelings.

Just remember that everyone feels scared, after losing someone you’ve spent with your entire life. Divorces are especially rough, but you shouldn’t dwell on those when starting a new relationship. The golden years are an opportunity for a fresh start and being able to appreciate this fact comes with age. Have fun and remember to always use protection. Especially because sexually transmitted diseases are common in our age group. But, don’t let this deter you from sharing a special bond with someone who might make the rest of your life a bliss.