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Dating a Christian – 3 Things You Need to Know

Dating world can be hard to navigate. Finding the perfect person, getting to know them, building a relationship together, that all takes time and effort. But if you were able to find your Christian soulmate, you’d definitely want to keep them, and in order to do that, there are several things you need to consider. Mostly their views on faith and general values they uphold. Being aware of the following three things will make your relationship with a Christian last and grow.

Understand the importance of God in their life

For Christians, love of God comes first, and this is what you have to understand. Obeying th e commandments, going to church regularly and simply honoring the Lord in their daily life is imperative for Christians. And if you want to date one, you need to be understanding of this part of them. Although for non-Christians it might be hard to comprehend how God can come before your partner, Christians see the bigger picture and know they are to love the Lord above anything and anyone else. Christian singles make it a point to explain their feelings and approach to God to their dates, so as to help them understand what their values are and what is important to them. Dismissing their belief, or having a lack of understanding for their devotion will make it nearly impossible to build a loving relationship with your Christian.

Respect their wishes when it comes to physical contact

Some Christians are comfortable with being intimate before marriage; others prefer to wait and save themselves. It is important that you express your thoughts on the subject early on. If you want to have a relationship that is consumed before marriage, and you are not comfortable with waiting, you should be open and forward about it. Otherwise, the frustration of not being on the same page could ruin what you have built. In addition, don’t go in thinking you might change their mind or trying to seduce them, this is disrespectful to your partner and their wishes, and it can easily break you two up. That said, being open and honest, as well as understanding of each other’s choices is key to a long-lasting relationship with a Christian.

Be ready for an open and honest relationship

Honesty and truthfulness is something most Christians hold dear, and lying and deceit is what they frown upon. This means that you will be entering a relationship which is open and honest. You’ll get to communicate and resolve all possible issues in a calm and respectful way. And not only that, if there are some difficulties that you can’t resolve on your own, you can always ask a pastor to help as they possess the knowledge and wisdom and can guide you towards the right path. In today’s world, an open and honest relationship is hard to find. People have strayed away from the core Christian values and that has affected each part of their lives. This is why Christian dating can provide such security and honesty, as people who are still devoted to God uphold those values in their daily lives.

You are now ready to date a true devoted Christian. Being able to understand their devotion to faith, and the way they go on about their daily lives will help you create a far better relationship.  In addition, it is because they take Christian values so seriously that you will be able to have an honest relationship, with open communication that will benefit both of you and help in creating a good foundation for the rest of your lives together.