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Dark Circles and Wrinkles- Get Rid of Those

Dark circles

These are the dark patches occurring under your eyes. There are several reasons for the dark circles to occur in human beings. Some of them include stress, lack of sleep, following a lifestyle, which is disturbed, and changes in hormones due to that. There are several other reasons too. So these make you look older than you already are. These also result in the formation of bags under the lower eyelids. Moreover, they are difficult to get rid of. Fatigue is the major reason behind causing dark circles in human beings. Therefore, these dark circles can be removed by following several home remedies or even by applying special creams around them.

Treatment for dark circles

There are many remedies for getting rid of those dark circles below your eyes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Get extra sleep in order to recover from sleep deprivation. So allow yourself to take enough rest and hence sleep for about 7 to 8 hours daily to make these dark circles go.
  • By applying a cold compress to the dark circles you can reduce the swelling and hence it can reduce the puffiness below your eyes. It can be done by pressing a few ice cubes wrapped in cloth around the dark circle area.
  • Applying raw vegetables to that area. Some of the vegetables include tomatoes, grated potato. These vegetables can be used in a way that first juice is taken out of them in a natural way and that is applied to the affected areas.
  • Cold tea bags are also a good option. Even that could make a difference.
  • Applying orange juice mixed with few drops of glycerine will improve the conditions and provide a better look.
  • And one other way is to not apply anything and instead start doing yoga or mediation. As the major reason behind the occurrence of dark circles is depression, hectic lifestyle and hence no time for rejuvenating the body. So take out time from your daily regime for some peace. That is start doing yoga or meditation as it will balance the body clock and help in calming the mind.
  • Cucumber is a very good option and it is the most widely used option for this purpose. It can be seen used by the salon workers. While putting some special creams on the face they put raw cucumber slices on the eye area to freshen them up. Therefore, cucumber is used in the best under eye creams for dark circles available in the market.
  • Rose water can be used to freshen up the skin and it is also known to provide beauty qualities.
  • Use good skin care creams and also start using sunscreen when moving around in the sun.
  • Lose the bad habits like smoking, eating junk food and so live a healthy lifestyle to prevent those dark circles from occurring.
  • There are several creams available in the market and the best under eye creams for dark circles available include the creams made up from ingredients like herbs, coffee, olives, soya, even green tea, grape seed extracts and many vitamin C components.

These things appear like little ninjas out of the blue and hence destroy you smooth and glowing skin. These are a cause of the increasing age of humans. These things occur due to the ageing of the body and hence unable to replace the collagen under the skin. So the skin could no longer stay elastic and vibrant. Smoking also causes wrinkles to form around the eyes. The wrinkles are formed in this area easily due to the soft skin and lack of production of oil in that area. Excessive exposure to the sun and unhealthy ways of eating are also a major cause for the wrinkles to occur.

How to get rid of wrinkles?

The wrinkles that make you look older can also be removed and hence a younger looking skin can again be achieved. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • By applying hydro boost gel creams on those areas. These types of creams would hydrate the skin and hence help you out in getting rid of that wrinkles.
  • Oils can be applied to those areas like rosemary oil and creams containing that ingredient are also helpful.
  • Applying cucumber and avocados to the buffered area. Most of the best under eye creams for dark circles and wrinkles include this ingredient in them.
  • Retinol chemical is also contained in several types of creams available in the market.
  • Different types of creams are available like the hydrating eye creams, powerful formula creams, and the natural ones to provide you with a soothing effect and hence a smoother looking skin.
  • Shea butter is also one of the important ingredients that are present in different creams that are available in the market.
  • A suggestion would be to store all these creams in a refrigerator first. As by applying the creams cold on the affected areas would result in providing a cooling effect to your eyes along with providing a soothing experience.
  • The creams available are gel-like and so they are easy to apply on the affected areas.
  • The famous brands of creams also include ingredients like adding a blend of wrinkle reducing peptides to the anti-ageing and dark circle reducer creams.
  • Vitamin C creams are also famous for solving problems like dark circles, wrinkles, etc.