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Dangerous Mistakes Women Make While Using Tampons

During summer, women often switch from using pads to tampons. Although tampons are better for hot summer days, women often make mistakes while using them, mistakes that can be health threatening.

Here are the most common, dangerous mistakes women make while using tampons:


1. You wash your hands only after putting your tampon

It’s really important to wash your hands before and after putting the tampon. This way you’ll prevent bacteria.

2. You don’t put the tampon deep enough

You’re not sure if the tampon is deep enough? You’re not supposed to feel the tampon when it’s in and if it’s not deep enough, it will give you an unpleasant feeling.

3. You use only one size tampons

When you have heavy periods, you should use bigger tampons that have bigger absorbing power. For the last days of your period you switch to smaller ones.

4. You don’t change the tampons often enough

Your tampons must be changed every 4-5 hours. If you leave the tampon in for too long, you’re putting yourself at risk to get an infection.

5. You use a tampon one day before and one day after your period

We strongly advise you not to use tampons before and after your period when the vagina is dry.

6. You don’t change the tampon after swimming

The tampon must be changed the second you’re out of the water to prevent skin irritation.

7. You use scented tampons

If you have a sensitive vagina, avoid using scented tampons because they can cause irritations and itching.

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