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Daily Hair Care Routine: 10 Must Do’s For Long And Healthy Hair

Having luscious, long hair has been an obsession amongst women for centuries. It feels and looks good to have voluminous and strong hair. One of the challenges is that your locks can become difficult to maintain and keep healthy, as your hair grows longer.

That’s why you should take a few easy steps to look after it.

1. Always use conditioner after washing your hair

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to skip a few steps in your beauty routine. Not filing your nails or wearing mascara is one thing, but there’s no excuse to forget to condition your hair. The conditioner is vital for shiny and moisturized hair, it also helps calm down frizz and leaves your hair smooth and silky. After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner starting a few inches from your roots. Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp unless you have dandruff, or you are using a conditioning hair mask. Your natural oils should hydrate and moisturize your scalp. Whereas the conditioner and similar hair care products work wonders on your hair.

2. Use coconut oil before washing your hair

Coconut oil can be used for many things, from cooking to hair care. Brush your hair first, then gently massage the oil into your scalp, scoop out a decent amount with your hands and run it through the rest of your hair. Leave the oil to saturate into your hair for at least ten to thirty minutes. Then wash it out with shampoo. Finish off by applying conditioner for a few minutes, for that extra nourishment. Coconut oil has natural moisturizing qualities, which should leave your hair soft to the touch. Use it at least twice a week, for optimum effects.

3. Brush your hair daily

Brushing your hair is important for getting rid of tangles and knots. It will increase circulation to the scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth. Brush it before styling it in the mornings and brush it before you go to sleep. Avoid sleeping with hair bands or pins in your hair, as they can break the strands and cause your hair to look frizzy in the morning.

4. Trim your hair every six to eight weeks

Every few weeks you should try to trim your hair by an inch or so. This gets rid of any split ends or damaged and dried bits. It’s even more vital to have a regular haircut if you have colored hair, as the dye can dry and damage your hair if you don’t take care of it. Just think about the fact that the ends of your hair are the oldest parts, so they need extra care to ensure the thickness is maintained. A simple way to test this is by grabbing your hair and running your hand down the length of it; it should feel as thick at the middle and ends as the roots. If the ends are significantly thinner, then it’s time to go for the chop and regrow your hair.

5. Take hair supplements

Natural, holistic hair care supplements are good to take once a day, or a few times a week. They contain vitamins and nutrients such as biotin and vitamin C, which helps promote healthy strong hair. Supplements and multivitamins are also great for your general well-being, skin, and nails.

6. Wash your hair every few days, instead of daily

Washing your hair on a daily basis can strip your hair of its natural oils, which replenish and repair your hair. This can make it dry, so try and wash it every third day, or two to three times a week. Use a natural hair mask once a week to give your hair a boost. Try different shampoos to find your perfect match. Pureology hydrate shampoo offers a multitude of benefits including preserving the vibrancy of color-treated hair, detangling strands, and moisturizing all hair types. This shampoo is packed with several fragrant scents including green tea, rose, and sandalwood.

7. Let your natural hair shine

Styling products, straighteners, and curling irons can add texture and definition, but they can also damage your locks. Excessive heat breaks and dries out your hair and too much product build up makes you feel the need to wash your hair excessively. Try and embrace your natural style by leaving your hair to do its own thing for four to five days of the week. Brush your hair and add some natural leave in conditioner, for lustrous shine that lasts throughout the day.

8. Rinse your hair with mild to cool water

When you wash your hair, turn down the temperature of the water. Very hot water isn’t good for your hair or skin. Colder water seals the cuticles to contain the moisture, whereas hot water opens up the cuticles.

9. Eat your way to good hair

Maintaining a healthy diet helps your body from the inside and out. Protein is a great source of nutrients for your hair, it’s found in popular foods such as chicken, eggs, fish and beans. You’ll notice the difference in the strength and growth of your hair once you add and substitute foods.

10. Turn down the temperature

Drying and styling your hair with a hairdryer on a hot setting can make your hair dry and frizzy. Turn down the heat and dry it on a cooler setting. Avoid towel drying your hair altogether, as it can break the strands and make your hair very knotty and tangled. Some people choose to air dry their hair which works well in the summer or if you have thinner or short hair. For long, thick hair, air-drying can take too long, especially if you have work in the morning and need to look presentable. Air-drying can also leave many women with frizzy, unruly hair. Instead, use a hair dryer on a cool setting and style it with a brush instead of a straightener.

Switch up your hair regime and implement some new changes, so your hair can reap the benefits. Try and stick to your new routine and give it a few months to see the improvements, then you’re on the way to long and lustrous hair.