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Cyclist Finds an Abandoned Kitten and Transforms His Life Forever

Meet Niccolo Bonifazio. He’s a professional cyclist from Italy that has won many prizes during his riding career. His most precious prize came about through an act of kindness.

Just last month, Niccolo was on a 20km training ride in a remote region when he heard a little noise. There were no homes or buildings around the area, but there was a sound of tiny cries for help.

“I heard meowing in the distance. It was a disturbed noise. So, I went into the woods to search,” says Niccolo.

Niccolo followed the sound and discovered a tiny kitten near a garbage bag. The poor little kitten has been dumped and left to die. Niccolo has found him just in time. The kitten was not doing well, so Niccolo had to react quickly. He held the kitten in one hand and started cycling back, taking the kitten to safety.

Niccolo immediately brought the kitten to the vet and luckily, he started to feel well. Niccolo simply fell in love with the adorable kitten so he decided to take it home with him.

Surrounded by all the love, the kitten has blossomed and grown.

“He’s very nice and full of energy,” Bonifazio said. “His name is Bisous; in French that means ‘kiss.'”