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Cute Winter Makeup Tips

Many women hate winter because it’s really a challenge to maintaining healthy and well-moisturizer skin. During the cold months, the oil glands below the surface of the skin become relatively inactive and produce less moisture than usual and that’s why extra care and attention is needed during the winter season. The wind and cold conditions make your skin dry. Try our cute winter makeup tips to improve the way your skin looks during winter.


Extra Moisturizer During Winter

The main problem during winter is the appearance of dry patches on the surface of the skin. Gently exfoliate your skin once a week during winter and then follow that up with a layer of moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply your night and day creams.

Use Silicone Based Foundation

Since your skin doesn’t produce a lot of oil in the winter, we advise you to use silicone based foundation. Cream foundation cracks on your face during the winter and liquid foundation has the tendency to disappear, leaving you with weird spots on your face.

No Orange and Gold Eye Shadows

Orange and Gold are the worst shade you can use in winter. They’re more colors for summer. They don’t go well with winter clothing and they will look out of place on your face.

Dark Purple and Silver Eye Shadows are Great for Winter!

Dark Purple and Silver are incredible for winter. They add a wintery spark to your look, and goe well with winter clothes.

Lip Balms are a MUST!

During winter, your lips tend to dry also. Cold wind makes them crack and dry and that’s why we advise you to always carry lip balm with you. Apply the balm as many times as you can, to keep your lips moisturized.

Bold Lips

Winter is the perfect time to wear dark bold shades of lipstick. Choose the color that’s perfect for your skin tone and rock the bold lip. Our advice is to keep your eye makeup simple and subtle.

Winged eyes are great for all seasons!

This look is winter fabulous. Winter clothes can be overwhelming, and this look is both dramatic and clean and it doesn’t make your face look overwhelming. Use black liquid eyeliner to wing out your upper lash line or even create the perfect cat eyes and pair it with a bold red lip shade.

Before you reach for any makeup, prepare your skin with a wealth of beautiful foundation formulas available and find your perfect match. Guidelines To Complexion Perfection