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Creating a Mother’s Day Gift Basket

When Mother’s Day comes rolling around again you need to figure out what to give your mother this year. You could ask her what she wants, but chances are high she says she doesn’t want anything. A safe way to play is getting a gift basket, this basket often filled with bath products will always be appreciated. But if you want to create such a care basket for your mom you need to know what to put in, and this is where we will be helping you by giving you some gift basket ideas.

All natural and organic bath and body skincare

These kind of beauty products always come in handy for any woman, so they’re perfect for such a Mother’s Day gift basket. The danger with these products is that it can seem standard and boring, this we can’t let happen. To also make a basket with these products special you need to select them carefully, from amazing brands. One of these brands is DA Aromatherapy by Duncan Avenue located in the Hudson Valley New York. This brand offers various natural organic bath and body skincare that is 100% based on plant derived ingredients and natural and organic essential oils. They promise that all their used oils are natural and that their products are vegan, cruelty free and free of any artificial products. Isn’t this exactly what any mother would want her products to be like?

The use of essential oils doesn’t only make the products, inspired by Hudson Valley, completely natural, essential oils also carry plenty of other health benefits. Each essential oil works different but we see effects like relaxation, uplifting or benefitting the immune system, mood, brain function and much more.

Different combinations of essential oils in beauty products also offer different effects on the body. For example, a combination of jasmine and black spruce works motivating while a combination of jasmine and cedarwood works balancing. You can check out their website to find out more about all the essential oil combinations and the products they sell. I could recommend you add a few of these natural essential oil based products into your Mother’s Day gift basket. Now let’s take a quick glance at the products available.

A first product that is perfect to include is a nourishing body lotion. They sell a beautiful body lotion filled with a blend of essential oils that fills the product with vitamins and other nourishing extracts.

Another product worth buying is a moisturizing body mist. You can pick your combination of essential oils and choose a body mist perfect for your mom that she can take with her to always enjoy aromatherapy.

The last product I’ll be mentioning is a rejuvenating botanical facial cleanser. This facial cleanserhttps://duncanavenue.com/shop/natural-hands-and-body-lotion-with-essential-oils/ that is filled with essential oils is the perfect product to completely cleanse the face after a long hard day. So, treat your mother with one of these beauties.

So, we’ve seen that you can create the ideal spa day Mother’s Day gift basket when you include these products. Especially with the all-natural and organic bath and body products from Duncan Avenue aromatherapy will make her feel delighted when using them. Now all there’s left to do for you is gathering the products and wrapping them nicely into a basket. You can start by gazing at the Duncan Avenue website to gain more knowledge on their products and possibly order some already. It’s never too early or too late to start making your Mother’s Day basket.