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Create Your Own Unique, Personal Style in Three Easy Steps

Following fashion trends is fun, except for the fact that there are anywhere from two to six collections per season, and that’s just from the designer brands. Fast fashion companies that dominate malls push out new items every single week. They want you in their store again and again. Though the amount of cycles that fashion goes through now means you can absolutely find the perfect pieces for you, it also means you need to work harder than every to curate your own unique, personal style. To create your own unique look, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Clear Out What You Don’t Wear

The first step that anyone embarking on their own personal style journey is to audit their closet. Clear out what you don’t wear and don’t like. There is no room for it and no reason to keep it. Just because you don’t like it, however, doesn’t mean that you should just throw it into your trash. If the item in question is of good quality, donate it. If it is of poor quality find a way to recycle the material. Thankfully, this latter option is becoming increasingly easier, as top fashion brands have bins where you can recycle your old clothes. They take these clothes and, if possible, recycle the material into new material for further production, or they shred it to be used in innovative methods like insulation in homes.

Place Greater Emphasis on What You Buy

Once you have cleared out your closet of items you don’t like, don’t wear, or aren’t in good condition, your wardrobe might be feeling a little empty, which can start the buying itch. Rather than going out all at once on a shopping spree, however, be more considerate. Only buy clothes that will help you diversify your wardrobe. If you find and love a piece in store that is regularly priced, put it back on the shelf and wait a few days – if you truly love it you can then buy it online. Most importantly, however, make sure that the pieces you buy fit your body. Far too many people put up with uncomfortable fits just because they like the style. Be more patient, and find new stores like Simply Be that have a wide variety of plus size dresses for you to choose from.

Do More Accessorizing

Finally, start accessorizing more. Accessories from a hat to a scarf, to jewelry, can all help amplify any look and help you convey a personal sense of style no matter what. Be creative with how you put a look together, and your creativity and personal style will shine in every outfit that you put on.

A unique, personal style is the best way to be fashion-forward. There are many trends and seasons to keep up with the fashion world, and trying to will only help you look like everyone else, anyway. Cultivate your own sense of style, and you will become an icon in your own right.

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