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Create Your Own Masterpiece

The first paintings were drawn long ago, in the Stone Age. Ancient people believed their paintings would bring them luck when hunting. Nowadays, some people believe the things they draw will make it possible for them to make their dreams come true: a painted couple will help them find love, while the beautiful house will bring them a new place of living.

More and more people who like drawing visit paint by numbers store on https://paintbynumbers.shop/ where they can purchase an incredible paint by number kit and spend hours enjoying their hobby. Such painting will not only help you relax and fulfill your creative potential but will also be an excellent present for friends or relatives.

What’s In The Kit?

Paint by numbers is a system where a picture is divided into large or small shapes, each of them is marked with a particular number corresponding to a one or another color. The smaller the shape is, the more realistic the painting is going to be.

The kit consists of a printed outline of brushes, paints and an instruction as well as a picture with numbers on it drawn on a cardboard, canvas, wood or stained glass.

Getting down to a drawing, start from the upper-left corner in order not to touch the fragments you’ve already drawn as well as try to start with light colors, not dark ones since it will be much easier to cover lighter shades in necessary.

As noted above, there are different artboards you may see in a kit:

  • Cardboard – this is the most widespread option. The paint spreads well on this material, the cardboard also soaks up the paint very fast and is perfect for kids and beginners. It’s really simple to draw a painting on cardboard and frame it not applying to a picture framing studio.
  • Canvas – the woven texture makes the painting more eye-catching and professionally drawn. Its wonderful absorbency makes it easier to draw even the most complicated paintings.
  • Wood – this is the least widespread option which has appeared on the market not so long ago. The wood board looks unusual and impressive, however, it’s harder to draw on wood, then it is on cardboard or canvas.

Purchasing such kit, the beginners become able to learn to mix paints and also fulfill their creative potential, while pros get an opportunity to boost their drawing skills and try drawing paintings in a new style.

Paints: The Types

Most of the paint by number kits contain acrylic paints – the safest and most vivid ones. Acrylic paints are quite lightproof, have almost no smell as well as are fast drying. It’s really convenient to draw with acrylic paints: their thickness may be change with the help of water. It’s also easy to remove it from skin, clothes, and brushes.

The paint is usually put into small plastic pots which can be easily opened and closed. It’s suggested to only open the colors you are going to use white drawing the painting and close them tightly to avoid drying out.