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Create a Healthy Mood for You and Your Family

If you find your moods dipping from one extreme to another, you also know the feelings of frustration and loss of control that can follow.  What about your children?  Do you notice their moods are erratic at times?  If so, buckle up and hang on, it’s time to ride this rollercoaster one last time.  Hold tight, as you create a change within yourself and for your family.

First, let’s recognize that you learn and nurture your habits from an early age.  However, it is never too late and any changes that you make regardless of your age can help you achieve your ‘feel good’ moods.

Secondly, it is so important to be aware that feelings and emotions can put you in a mood that influences your choices.  Fueling the pillars of overall wellness can help you to take control of your feelings and emotions and allow you to make healthier choices.

Lastly, nurture each pillar – water, rest, nutrition, exercise, mind time, self-care, and self-love.  Yes, these vital pillars can have an affect not only on your physical health but also your mood, mental and emotional health, social skills, learning and self-worth.

The importance of family engagement when applying health and wellness are crucial for today’s society.  Teaching children about these pillars at an early age can help them maintain a healthy life, body, and mind.  In turn, it can keep you on track and secure so that you can set a healthy example for your family.  Your child’s developmental years are at stake.  Children pick up habits at an early age, so let’s make them good habits. Reading, moving, positive activities, cooking and eating together and other family engagement are powerful tools that can create capable, healthy, and vibrant people for a lifetime.  Healthy habits, self-love and self-care can improve mental health, enhance cognitive skills like concentration and memory and improve academic performance.

It’s time to take charge and commit to healthier living practices.  It is living each day in full awareness of yourself in the moment.  It is living free of self-criticism and judgement.  It is living with your body and mind being in the right relationship with each other.  Free yourself of what you can not control and embrace those changes that you can make.  Surround yourself with positive people and embrace the love within yourself and those in your positivity circle.

Successful and happier people will make an adjustment, not an excuse – so create a new standard so that you can whole heartedly reap the benefits of tomorrow.  Believe that you can make healthy choices.  You know what makes you feel great and what may not make you feel so great.  Or do you?  Take notice of the correlation between your mood, energy, health, and sleeping habits when you are idle, inactive, and /or eating mindlessly.  Now take notice of the correlation between your mood, energy, health, and sleeping habits when you are making time for yourself, exercising, and eating healthy.

Understand that challenges to healthy living efforts happen throughout the year, and that your best bet is to be aware of these challenges and understand what you must do to keep things balanced and in perspective.  Fuel your strengths and nurture your weaknesses.  Conquer the bumpy rides.  Stay focused and in connection so that you do not derail your efforts.  Embrace the smooth ride and live the quality of life that you and your family deserve.

Parent’s Corner:  Assist your children to apply great habits early in life for optimal mental and physical well-being.  In turn, you will fuel your self-worth and overall well-being.

Water – Make water intake part of your daily routine as it is a vital element and nutrient.  Every part of your body is dependent on water: skin, brain, cells, and organs.

Sleep – Adequate sleep is essential to improve mood, attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health.  Apply routine sleeping habits and rest assure that you are teaching your children the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Self-Care – Healthy personal habits and hygiene will help your children understand the importance of taking care of their outer shell.  Yet, that outer shell protects their inner health and beauty.

Self-Love – Teach your children to love themselves.  A better understanding of your children’s purpose in life will help them to shine their own light, feel comfortable in their own skin, and reflect their kindness and positive spirit.

Nutrition – Proper nutritional choices are crucial for the metabolic, environmental, physical, mental, and chronological changes as we age.  Introduce colorful healthy foods to your children so that they have a great association with food, flavors, and overall well-being.

Exercise & Mind Time – Our bodies were made to move.  Our minds were made to learn, absorb, and apply.   Make time to exercise with your children – create a healthy association between body and mind.  Apply exercise, rest, and reading time and create a great mind/body balance within your family.

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