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Courageous Dalmatian Mom Gives Birth To 18 Puppies

When Cecilia Lanton Bunkegot got the wonderful news that her Dalmatian Miley was pregnant, she was ecstatic. Cecilia was well prepared for her dog’s pregnancy and delivery since she’s a trainer and breeder. She’s an expert in her field and she has produced many championed dogs over the course of 25 years.

Cecilia took Miley to the vet regularly to check on her pregnancy and make sure all the pups were okay. The vet told Cecilia to expect a 3 puppy litter. However, Cecilia’s experience made her skeptical about this prediction since Miley was becoming extremely large.

When the time arrived, Miley had a team of vet nurses by her side to make sure her labor was smooth. Miley gave birth to 3 puppies and everyone thought that the delivery was over. Soon after, another puppy arrived and another and brave Miley gave birth to 18 gorgeous puppies. The nurses and Cecilia were astounded, since Dalmatian litters 8-10 puppies per litter.

“I thought she’d stopped after number 15, because it looked like she had laid down to go to sleep. But then along came another one, and two more after that. Nellie is making a really lovely mum. I’m immensely proud of her, she’s been amazing,” explains Cecilia.

After 13 hours of labor, Miley became a proud mommy of 12 girls and 6 boys. All the puppies are in great shape, growing in a loving home with Cecilia and her husband.

Miley’s delivery even broke records, and the Australian National Kennel Club claimed Miley’s litter as the largest litter in Australian history.

Take a look at he gorgeous family!