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A Dive into Cottagecore Interior Design 

In this fast-paced world dominated by technology and urban landscapes, there’s a prominent desire for a more wholesome lifestyle. Cottagecore snuck its way into the hearts of many, embracing nostalgia and simplicity. It celebrates a bygone era and the charm of rural living. Extending beyond fashion and lifestyle, the cottagecore trend has made its way into the homes of many with an offer of warmth and comfort.


What is Cottagecore? 

Cottagecore, in its simplest form, is an aesthetic inspired by rural living. It brings you closer to nature and a sustainable life. Romanticising rustic simplicity and encouraging a lifestyle rooted in more traditional skills, such as baking, gardening and sewing.


Coming to life with carefully selected lighting, cottagecore fixtures often embrace vintage or antique-inspired designs.

If you’re seeking a touch of nostalgia, consider pendant lights with glass or metal shades to cast a gentle light in warm tones. If you’re after more of a grandeur and timeless charm, keep an eye out for chandeliers with ornate detailing.

Table lamps with floral-patterned shades or bases made from natural materials like wood or ceramic contribute to the cottagecore ambiance too. You can create a dreamy and cosy atmosphere through fairy lights or string lights as well, especially in bedrooms and reading nooks.


Cottagecore walls are a canvas for storytelling.

You can use soft, neutral colours like cream, beige or pale blue to create a serene backdrop for your interior. To add a touch of vintage charm, you can add wainscoting and beadboard panelling to make the space feel rich with history.

By incorporating botanical prints, pastoral scenes or delicate florals, you can transform your room and transport yourself to a simpler time without technology. If you’re not a fan of wallpaper, you could try an accent wall to introduce a pop of cottagecore magic without it overwhelming the room.

Natural elements, such as exposed wooden beams or stone accents, further enhance the cottagecore ambience. These architectural features contribute to the overall charm and authenticity of the space, making it a tranquil retreat into the heart of nature.


When it comes to the perfect floor for your cottagecore home, solid wood flooring is the way to go. It forges an instant connection between you and the natural world outside.

Although this may not be ideal for some budgets, you could instead consider luxury vinyl tile (LVT). It may not be the real thing, but through its realistic photographic print layer, your LVT could look just like oak flooring, for example.

If you’re after more of a rustic appeal, consider distressed or reclaimed wood flooring. The imperfections not only add character to your home, but it also aligns with the cottagecore philosophy of appreciating the beauty in simplicity.


Cottagecore furniture is all about comfort, functionality and vintage appeal.

Think sturdy, well-crafted wooden pieces that exude warmth and comfort. Seek out handcrafted furnishings or second-hand furnishings, avoiding mass-produced ones. You could even upcycle old pieces; take wooden pallets and turn them into shelves or even old bathtubs and turn them into elaborate planters.

Natural materials play a significant role in cottagecore furniture too. Use rattan, wicker and reclaimed wood to create a timeless ambience. Consider adding antique or vintage finds for an extra touch of authenticity such as a weathered rocking chair or a distressed writing desk.


With an emphasis on bringing the outdoors inside, cottagecore often revolves around floral patterns, gingham prints and botanical motifs. Soft muted colours, like sage green, dusty rose and buttery yellows, create a soothing atmosphere that mimics the peace of the countryside.

A key element in cottagecore interior design is the use of textiles. Layering cosy throws, handmade quilts and cushions in a mix of patterns and textures enhances the inviting, lived-in feel of the space.

Incorporate fresh or dried flowers into your home along with houseplants to fully embrace the nature side of cottagecore. You can go a step further, collecting pretty pebbles, shells and other bits that you might find on an adventure into the wild.

Another element to cottagecore décor is open shelving. It’s a trendy way to display cherished items and collections such as vintage crockery, mason jars filled with dried herbs or a curated assortment of books. Put family heirlooms out on show too! By adding these personal touches to your space, you tell a story about the inhabitants of your home and their connection to the past.


Cottagecore interior design is more than just another trend. It’s a lifestyle choice that seeks to bring the serenity of rural living into our homes. By carefully selecting furniture, decorations, flooring, lighting and wall treatments that align with the cottagecore aesthetic, you can create a timeless and cosy space.

Embrace the simplicity, celebrate the imperfections and let cottagecore transform your home into a charming retreat of peace and quiet.