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Corded vs. Cordless Drill: How to Make the Right Decision

Drills are an essential tool for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professionals. They come in two main categories: corded and cordless drills. Both tools are complementary to each other. The first is more powerful and intended for tackling the drilling of hard materials. The second is autonomous and mainly intended for drilling soft materials and the mobility of being cordless makes the later, an easy decision.

In general, the higher the voltage, the more powerful and expensive the device. The choice of voltage depends on the type of work planned and frequency. For simple screwing in wood or dowels, the lowest voltages (12V) will suffice. For heavy and regular work, users need a corded drill.

Electric drills are ideal for work that requires power and endurance. Its amperage must be between 3 and 7 amps. The motor should run around 800 to 3000 rpm, allowing use in wood, metal, plastic and concrete. For starters, a 4-amp drill at 800 rpm will do the trick. Choose a unit with variable speed drive to expand the range of uses.

Many masonry jobs may require the use of a cordless drill. This tool is essential for carrying out a wide variety of work. But, it is important to choose the drill bit carefully if you want to be certain of having quality equipment.

A cordless drill gives you greater freedom of movement and it is especially vital for working outdoors. It is essential in places without an electrical outlet. In contrast, wired drills are often more powerful. If you need to work on strong material, for example to drill a concrete wall, the corded drill can be a better choice. Remember to inquire before buying. At equivalent power, corded drills are generally less expensive than cordless drills.

The important criteria for choosing the best drill

The ideal drill is easy to handle and its controls are easily accessible. It is neither too light, a sign of fragility, nor too heavy, which would make it difficult to handle, especially at arm’s length.

Cordless drills come with batteries that are divided into three categories: Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion. For environmental reasons, experts do not recommend Ni-Cd (which are destined to be discontinued in a couple years). On the other hand, Li-ion is recommended for performance reasons. The majority of batteries have a capacity of 1.5 ampere-hour (Ah), but the 2 or 3 Ah are being introduced slowly on the market. This is aimed at extending the autonomy of the device. Many users often opt for a Dewalt 20v drill that has 3.0ah rating and mention this as the best cordless drill for the money in today’s market.

A well-equipped device must be delivered with at least two mechanical speeds, indicators, a rapid stop in rotation and an automatic locking of rotating shaft. It should have a speed control at the trigger, which is essential for screwing-unscrewing and drilling large diameters at low speed. Incidentally, you will appreciate a second handle (usually removable).

Drilling capacity

This is an important feature that allows you to know the maximum diameter the device is capable of drilling. Hence, this is an element to take into account depending on the type of work planned. The rotation speed is measured in revolutions per minute. Many cordless drills have only one rotation speed.

Some corded have an adjustable speed to adapt to the different materials used, which increases accuracy. In general, drills used to work on soft materials should have a higher number of revolutions per minute (rpm) to ensure precision work. Conversely, the harder the material worked on, the lower the revolutions per minute. On some models the quick stop function allows a much cleaner finish.

What are the advantages of a cordless drill?

The cordless drill is more flexible than the various hand tools, which makes it a considerable asset for DIY and professional work. It is a tool capable of revolutionizing the world of DIY by offering the required features. A cordless tool allows easy transport and provides efficiency of use in a variety of situations. Compact and light devices allow easy grip.

Advantages of the best corded drill

A wired drill provides increased power to enable better performance. It comes with a motor with multiple speeds to increase the speed of execution. These tools allow you to work hard while maintaining maximum energy thanks to its automatic features. Some devices have modern technologies to connect them to smartphones for better management and a much more efficient setting.