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Cop Rescues a Kitten and They Become The Best Crime Fighting Duo Ever

We all know that dogs can be great partners for cops, but can cats be good partners too? We’re not saying that cats aren’t capable, although they aren’t tamable as dogs.

Meet this unique and incredible crime fighting duo. They are nothing like you’ve ever seen before! The duo met when the cop that goes by the name DonutOperator on Instagram, rescued a small kitten on a rainy day. The cop adopted the kitten and named it Squirt. From that day, the duo has been inseparable, fighting crime on the streets. Well, we’re just kidding, they don’t fight crime together buy Squirt keeps his human so happy that he can fight crime better. Squirt is also on housekeeping duty when his human is not at home. Who knows, maybe he has some karate tricks in his paws!

Check out the adorable Squirt with his furry friends!