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Did You Consider The Need of a Registered Agent While Starting a New Business?

When you start a new business of your own, particularly one which has got a legally separate business entity, one of the most vital details you shouldn’t forget is to select a registered agent who can receive all sorts of legal paperwork on behalf of you whenever the need arises. A registered agent is also given the name of a statutory agent or a resident and it is nothing but a third party for your business which is there to make sure you don’t miss any vital notice about your business firm.

They are the ones who can receive all kinds of official documents which include notices of service of process, tax documents, state correspondence and lawsuit materials on behalf of you. One thing you have to make sure is that the registered agent has to be from the same state from which you’re located. For businesses which don’t have physical addresses within the states where they have been registered, choosing trustworthy registered agents is a must.

Do you think your business is in need of a registered agent?

No, it is not that all businesses are legally liable to seek help of registered agents. The non-statutory business identities are not required to file any kind of paperwork in the state. So, they wouldn’t require hiring registered agents but they can always do so for convenience and security purposes.

On the contrary, professional relationships in the owners of limited liability companies or corporations are considered as statutory entities. Since they are governed by the laws of the state, they usually appoint a registered agent and it is a must. Nevertheless, you need to read the laws of a state due to the fact that every state has different laws.

The benefits of working with a registered agent are much, even when someone isn’t lawfully entitled to do so. The agent will keep a close tab on your vital documents, diminish the legal consequences and the embarrassment which is associated with losing notices and they even alleviate the work load as well. Since the address of your registered agent remains constant, you won’t require adjusting the address time and again.

What are the requirements for registered agents?

All individuals are not qualified for becoming a registered agent. Besides being a resident in the state, a potential agent should also be a physical resident in the state and not only in the PO box. While few states require registered agents to become CPAs or attorneys, others insist on the fact that they should be an employee of the company. There should also be policies with regards to the age of the agent and bar companies from appointing people below 18 years of age as agents.

Regardless of the size and shape of the business, registered agents always make lives of the owners easier and simpler. Still when you want the agent to ease off the burden, you need to choose the perfect person for the job. Do the research about the definite guidelines for hiring the best agent and for any other help on starting a business, don’t forget to go through Incfile reviews for a simpler set-up of your business.