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Confused About How to Take Modalert, Here is Your Solution

I have often been asked by people how to take their medication, they always say “we take our medication wrong because we don’t have enough information on how to take it” so I decide to help those people out with this article and have added a few more pointer to help you buy it from the best sources. Modalert is one of the best nootropics used for the treatment of sleep disorder like narcolepsy and sleep apnea, but it’s mostly used as a cognitive agent. Modalert is no longer a weird nootropic drug belonging to the internet and experiments but is a very popular drug among drug enthusiastic. I am no medical genius here, but a very normal lady who takes all the supplements on time and with the right way or maybe my OCD is the reason. So take my words as just advice and pay attention to the effects it gives.

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Now that it’s clear there some things you should do when taking Modalert whether it’s your first time or you are a frequent user. Compared to other prescript medication, Modalert comes with fewer side effects, and if you are a first timer and a little curious then embrace it! Just keep a handle on the following things and you are sorted with a pleasant experience.


Take modafinil within 1 hour of waking up. This not an exact thing but based on my own experience. Now I don’t exactly know what time you wake up but based on the time Modalert works it should be taken no later than eight. Modalert takes about 25-30 minutes to show its full effect.

People with Shift work disorder are advised to take it o timings suitable to them, like one hour before they start their shift.

The effect of Modalert last for about 10-12 hours, so taking it after 8 may cause some trouble for you to sleep which is not the right way the drug is used.


First timers should take only half a pill which is 100mg. The first time I tried it I took the whole Modalert 200 mg and I experienced giddiness all day and was too much alert and focused. For beginners, it is best to start with a lesser dose and then switch to 200 mg.


Modalert is taken on empty stomach or half empty stomach. You can even take it after eating, but it may longer time to show its effects.

The important thing is to pursue your day as you normally do with the same eating habits. Modalert is well known for its appetite suppresses qualities.  Don’t skip meals or use it as a weight loss supplement stick to healthy eating.

Most importantly drink lots water as Modalert cause dehydration. The most common side effects of Modalert are a mild headache and dehydration.

Yet again I would say Modalert is pretty harmless so don’t worry about anything else then this three rings and you are good to go.

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