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Complete Guide to Maintain Luvme Hair Brown Ombre Hair

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Complete Guide to Maintain Luvme Hair Brown Ombre Hair

What is the haircare industry without colors? Over the years, color has become an important aspect of hair for women. Hair color does many things; a few include accentuating the skin tone and highlighting your facial features. In addition, it makes you look younger or older, depending on how you want. However, hair color has many downsides; it requires maintenance, is expensive, and can damage your hair.

While there are many color techniques, the ombre solves some problems you can encounter in hair color. The ombre coloring technique avoids hair roots and is very affordable.

It works with every color, and many people have embraced the brown ombre hair. The brown ombre hair brings out your cheekbones and eyes. Also, it offers a dramatic change, and if you are a fan of dramatic changes, you can go for this color change trend.

This article will consider some important things you need to know about brown ombre hair. This is about to become your favorite wig of all time.

Table of Content

  • What is LuvmeHair Brown Ombre Hair Color?
  • Is Brown Ombre Hair Color Hard to Maintain?
  • How to maintain brown ombre hair
  • How Long Will Brown Ombre Hair Color Last?
  • What are some things to consider before getting Brown Ombre hair?
  • Benefits of LuvmeHair Brown Ombre Hair
  • To Sum Up
What is LuvmeHair Brown Ombre Hair Color?           

A brown ombre is a hair color technique that involves hand-painting the hair brown from the root with a lighter variation towards the edges. The brown ombre hair color is not the same as the highlights, offering a unique color layer. You can consider this color change trend with your hair. However, it comes easier if you are naturally brunette.

Is Brown Ombre Hair Color Hard to Maintain?

The ombre color technique is beautiful, and it is the easiest to maintain. This means whether you are a brunette, blonde, brown, or red hair, you won’t have to stress much to maintain the color change. Aside from these color tones, you can consider colors like blue, purple, and red.

Many people opt for ombre hair color because of the low maintenance, and you can also experiment with other colors.

How to Maintain Brown Ombre Hair

Avoid Washing Repeatedly

Washing your ombre hair color is okay as part of the maintenance routine; however, the washing time must be limited. Less washing will ensure you preserve the color rather than washing it off. In addition, reducing washing sessions will ensure you have lesser exposure to hot hair tools.

Use Color Protecting Hair Products

Once you have decided to change your hair color to brown ombre, the next thing is ensuring the color last for a long time. To preserve your new hair color, try as much as possible to use color-protecting hair products. Instead of your regular shampoo, opt for a color-protecting shampoo.

Some color-proof hair products will protect your color-treated hair and shield your hair from ultraviolet rays.

Avoid Hot Hair Tools

To preserve your brown ombre hair, it is important you have a consistent hair care routine. Rather than blowing dry or using a curling iron, you can always air-dry your hair. However, it is also essential that you limit the use of hot tools on your hair. If your brown ombre hair is constantly in contact with too much heat, the color will fade quickly.

How Long Will Brown Ombre Hair Color Last?

This is mainly dependent on the length, color, and hair products. However, on average brown ombre hair will last for five months. In addition, your care routine also determines how long it will last. For example, avoid washing every time and beware of the hair products you are using.

What Are Some Things to Consider Before Getting Brown Ombre Hair?

There are different things to consider when getting brown ombre hair. These are important to ensure you get the best for yourself. Some things to consider are; the shading angle and length of the angle.

You can attempt a lighter or darker shade; just ensure it is what you love. The length of the angle entails considering the amount of hair used for the ombre. This is important as it determines how much upkeep the hair will need.

Benefits of LuvmeHair Brown Ombre Hair


With the brown ombre hair wig, you can enjoy the convenience of wearing your desired style. This will save you the time to curl, dry, and straighten your normal hair. In addition, you can style an ombre hair to match the occasion and your personality.


Wearing the same type of hairstyle every day can become boring. This is where brown ombre hair comes in; wearing ombre hair is fun since you can explore different color shades. You get to choose the best color suitable for your personality.

Little maintenance

This is general for all ombre hair types, whether brown, blonde, or red tones maintenance is less. You either need little or no maintenance. You only need to wash the hair and moisturize the ends; you are good to go.

Realistic Design

The ombre hair allows you to easily blend the wig with your natural hair since it looks like human hair. This is because the root color of an ombre wig will be similar to your natural hair color, black or brown. Therefore, if you decide to leave some part of your hair out, it will still look okay with ombre hair.

To Sum Up

As mentioned, the same style can be boring if you want something energetic and dramatic, the brown ombre hair is your choice. In addition, it allows you to change your appearance without damaging your natural hair. The ombre is not limited to brown wigs; you can also get your hands on some black wigs with the same style.