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Common Ways to Make Your Breasts Seem Bigger

Are you thinking of making your breasts appear bigger? There are a few simple and cheap ways to create the illusion of a larger bosom. Some women like their boobs bigger and it makes them feel more confident because they’re more attractive to look at.

But there isn’t any type of gym exercise that can enlarge your breasts. Breast augmentation can work wonders, but you should make sure the surgeon is highly regarded. Before you go that route, however, you may want to try other measures that many women have tried to make their breasts look bigger:

Fix your posture

Thrust your chest out when you stand or sit down. Slouching doesn’t do much for you and it can make your breasts seem smaller. Standing straight emphasizes the curves and thrust of your breasts. It also makes you look more confident and more attractive, and these are the same reasons why you’d enjoy bigger breasts in the first place.

Try a corset

Corsets have become fashionable as of late since a large portion of the population has become somewhat overweight over the years. But there’s a pleasant side effect to wearing a corset to keep your tummy in. A slim waist can make your chest area seem bigger and more impressive. Watch movies where the women wear corsets—it seems every woman possesses a nice pair of breasts.

Try two bras

You can seem bigger to everyone else when you wear layers of clothing, right? The same principle applies to wearing two layers of bras. The bras not only add volume to your chest area, but they also work to push the breasts up and create a more impressive cleavage. For women with smaller breasts, this works very well with a tight shirt. You just have to check that the bras mold well together, so there aren’t any weird bumps in your chest area.

Put in bra inserts

If you’re not yet confident about putting silicone inside your breasts to make them bigger, why not try using silicone right outside your breasts? You place these inside the bra, and it can make your breasts seem bigger. You may even get several different looks, depending on the shape of the inserts you get. This is a more high-tech version of inserting tissue paper wads inside your bra.

Use a bronzer to highlight and contour your chest

You can go online and watch YouTube videos on how to do this. With the right low-cut blouse, your chest will seem more noticeable when you put makeup on the cleavage. Make sure to use natural colors since anything else will ruin the effect.

Buy pushup bras

Plenty of brands that offer push-up bras are designed to make your breasts seem much bigger than they appear. Often, they’re made to raise the breasts upwards, while they may also use padding to enhance the effect. With the right bra, you can gain up to 2 cup sizes. Some of these bras are adjustable so that you can tone down the effect.

When you’re sharing a romantic time with your partner for the first time, all these illusions disappear once you’re fully naked. The only real recourse is tohave bigger breasts, and that’s why breast augmentation is so common these days. Plenty of people realize that real bigger breasts are better than the illusion of bigger breasts.

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