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Comfy Cover: New Portable Seat Protector to Fit Any Public Seating

As the Summer months continue, families and individuals alike may find themselves out and about more often this time of year. With being on the go, the issue of public seating and sanitation remains an issue we all seem to forget about. To keep our clothes and skin safe from the unknown debris that can inevitably build on public surfaces, a brand-new invention has just hit the internet. The Comfy Cover seat protector has just hit the online market for purchase to solve this pervasive problem.

seat protector

Unlike any other product for sale, the Comfy Cover was created with convenience, comfort, and hygiene in mind. Founder Julie Skochenski shares information regarding the various benefits of the Comfy Cover and what sets it apart from any other product on the market.

“The Comfy Cover acts as a seat protector that is both compact and portable,” says Skochenski. “It includes a non-slip back and comes in a convenient carrying pouch to be used at restaurants, bars, sporting events, patios, vehicles, or anywhere else!” At an approximate size of 20” x 20”, the Comfy Cover fits nearly any seat and can be slipped onto all types of surfaces. It is made out of premium fabric for durability and is both lightweight and machine washable. The non-slip backing also keeps it in place on any surface.

“I started this company out of the need we all share to protect our skin and clothing from dirt, heat, germs, or uncomfortable seating surfaces,” says Skochenski. “We all use public seating nearly every day – it’s an unavoidably universal experience we all have. I wanted to create a product that is comfortable, practical, and convenient to carry. Now, I’m looking forward to the expansion of my company to include other new products for customers to shop through!”

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Founded by a mother and daughter duo, Comfy Cover is a company that offers solutions to the downsides of constantly being on the go. Travel can be unpredictable, and public areas are not always as clean as they may appear. “We were frustrated with the pain of our skin sticking to seats and feeling like it’s being peeled off when we stand back up, especially during the hotter Summer months,” says Skochenski. “After a long search, we were unable to find a product on the market to remedy this problem in a practical way. Comfy Cover was born from that issue, and it’s been a huge hit amongst others who share these complaints.”

The Comfy Cover can easily be purchased on the online webstore for an affordable price of $14.99 USD. Now, purchases on the website of $25 or more will receive free shipping on any domestic order. Skochenski is also looking forward to expanding her company by offering other products in the future.

“Comfy Cover is a unique and innovative product, and it really targets a company’s mission and ability to assess a problem, then persistently work toward a solution until the perfect product is born. After much trial and error, we really perfected the Comfy Cover to prepare it for sale and advertisement.”

The Comfy Cover collapses into a 4” x 4” square which fits into a portable pouch with a drawstring and carabiner. This allows individuals to attach it anywhere necessary, whether a purse, beach bag, cooler, stroller, backpack, or anything else. This protector also keeps the Comfy Cover conveniently hidden away from other debris, germs, or the elements encountered throughout the day.

seat protector

Following the product’s initial launch, customers have flocked to the Comfy Cover website to purchase an easy and quick solution to a problem we all share – uncomfortable or unsanitary public seating. Skochenski’s business mission follows the idea of providing an affordable solution to a problem we all share. “We can’t wait to see how customers respond to the Comfy Cover and I’m definitely looking forward to launching other products which are in the works right now. Above all else, I’m grateful to see my vision be turned into a tangible reality for other people to enjoy.” For interested individuals looking for a convenient and practical product for an affordable price, check out the Comfy Cover website to purchase or stay updated on future product launches.