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Chunky Dog Realizes It’s Time To Go On a Diet After Breaking His Doggy Door

Food is awesome, but sometimes we forget that eating too much can bring some undesired results. Drax learned that the hard way. The gorgeous, young Labrador took over the Internet after his owner Charmaine shared a photo of his with a whole door on his back.

Drax wasn’t always a chunky dog. He was found starving on the streets of Queensland, Australia and in a very bad shape. When Charmaine’s sister saw him, she knew she had to rescue him. Charmaine was living with her sister and 4 other dogs when they took Drax in. He settled really quickly and started bonding with everyone.

“My sister found him outside her local supermarket a couple of years ago just laying there curled up. He looked skinny and uncared for. She put him in the car and he just froze with fear and wouldn’t look at anyone. He’s the most placid dog you could come across. He’s the most loving and happy and laid-back boy that just adores all other dog,” says Charmaine.

Drax adored his new brothers and sisters and they often shared naps together. However, when Charmain had to move out in her own home, she didn’t want to leave Drax behind, so she decided to adopt another dog for Drax.

A few years later, living a great life had some consequences on Drax. Well, to his weight in particular. The happy doggie has packed more than a few pounds and he managed to get stuck in the doggy door. Drax wasn’t sure what was happening, so in an attempt to get loose, he took off the whole door.

Dad came home early and saw half the doggy door panel on the ground and looked inside and Drax came wandering down the hallway very casually with it on him. I looked over and Drax was on the stairs looking at me … my mouth dropped,” says Charmaine.

Although the incident was adorable, it was actually a wake up call for Charmaine to put Drax on a diet. We are rooting for Drax on his journey towards losing weight, because we know it can get pretty hard! Good Luck Drax!