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Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Family

Slipping, tripping, and sliding—all of these seemingly natural and common occurrences happen to us and to our kids all the time. After all, losing our balance is a common human phenomenon. It can happen to just about everyone and anyone, from Bill Gates to the construction worker next door, or worse, to your own children.

However, did you know that injuries caused by slipping, tripping, and sliding, when attended by specific conditions or circumstances, are compensable in the court of law? As a matter of fact, this is governed by a special area of law called premises liability.

Premises liability is a special area of law dealing with injuries and accidents caused by the unsafe condition of a building or establishment. This type of case can be pursued if the accidents occurring within the premises of the establishment can be traced back on the unjustified negligence of the business or property owner.

This negligence is with respect to the owner’s failure to exercise reasonable care and prudence in keeping the property a safe space and place to visit or stay at. This is the basis of the owner’s liability to the injured person or persons within his or her property.

Since this legal concept is not as known as it should be, especially to business owners and establishment owners, and also to the injured customers or visitors alike, people can fall victim to not being given their rightful compensation in the event of an accident.

This is basically the main reason why knowing how to choose the right legal counsel to represent you and your family in court (in case out-of-court or amicable settlements do not occur) is of vital importance. Continue reading below to learn the most important considerations you must take into account in choosing the right attorney for you and for your family.

Consideration No. 1: The Lawyer’s Specialization

It is important to take note of the fact that not all lawyers have the same degrees of specialization or expertise in all fields of law. A tax lawyer practicing taxation law for almost his entire law career may not be as specialized in personal injury law as compared to an attorney working in a personal injury law firm who has been practicing personal injury law for 10 years straight.

Consideration No. 2: The Lawyer’s Experience

Considering the lawyer’s experience in the field is vital to having and recovering a just and rightful claim against the erring establishment owner. This advantage comes into play because experienced lawyers in the field of personal injury law are more familiar with its language as compared to other lawyers of different specializations. Also, long experience exposes the lawyer to many different situations and complex questions of law that further sharpens their knowledge and wisdom of the law at hand.

Consideration No. 3: The Lawyer’s Legal Fees

As most personal injury cases are done on a contingent fee basis or arrangement, you do not have to worry much about not having enough funds to start with. In a contingent fee arrangement, the attorney and the client have an agreement whereby the client only pays the lawyer after the case is won or the claim is recovered. In simpler terms, the client does not pay unless the case is won.

In choosing your personal injury lawyer, do take into account the amount of the fee or the percentage of the recovery claim your lawyer is going to receive. Always remember that good and high-quality service does not have to be very heavy on the pocket. In the same vein, good and high-quality service cannot come from a very cheap fee either. Consider this wisely and strive to find the balance between the two, keeping in mind that you should never compromise quality for cost-cutting considerations.