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Choosing a Flexible and Diverse Nursing Career

Being the largest healthcare career in the U.S., nursing offers better job growth opportunities than many other professions. It’s one of the most flexible careers across the medical field; from its specializations and paths of entry to its work responsibilities, environments, and schedules, a nursing career offers a myriad of opportunities.

It is no secret that nurses are in high demand; for various reasons, that need will continue to grow. RNs (Registered nurses) practice in all healthcare settings: nursing homes, hospitals, retail clinics, medical offices, community health centers, ambulatory care centers, and schools. They also offer healthcare services in other unique locations such as homeless shelters, camps, prisons, tourist destinations, and sporting events. On the other hand, NPs (Nurse practitioners) work in nursing homes, clinics, private offices, hospitals and offer a vast range of preventive and primary healthcare services. They also diagnose, prescribe medication, as well as treat minor injuries and illnesses that are common.

To enjoy more job security and stability, you could pursue a higher-level nursing degree such as a Master of Science in Nursing in order to transition from RN to NP. This will give you a more diverse choice of career paths.

Taking advantage of the high nursing demand

With the current shortage of nurses, partly attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical facilities now need more than just PRN nurses. As such, it’s important that you make the most out of your nursing career and seek facilities hiring per diem nurses. These types of facilities rely on filling shifts by getting extra outside staffing to help. If you fill these kinds of shifts, you’ll definitely receive higher pay incentives.

Aside from the benefit of getting some extra money, this also creates an opportunity to advance and gain more experience in other roles or areas of specialization. Rather than finding a job that will just work around your school schedule, working in different kinds of fields will offer you extra value as you study and gain experience in the nursing sector.

For those who are just beginning their nursing careers (CNA, STNA, LPN/LVN), working per diem will give you an opportunity to set a convenient schedule. As you navigate through school to obtain a higher degree and achieve your nursing career goals, you will gain relevant and valuable nursing experience only when you’re truly available.

If you’re are looking to work on different types of shift hours, make some extra money, or just want to see what different medical facilities are all about, you ought to consider this role!

Decide where you want to work

In the ever-growing field of nursing, there exists many career possibilities; the deciding factor is largely determined by your level of education, experience, and preference. Whether it’s a variety of economic needs, personal preferences, or professional goals, there is a need to specialize and have a flexible nursing career; it’s a great way of extending and diversifying your career. Just consider what’s important to you and your family, then decide the ideal nursing career that best suits you.