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How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Accessories

Choosing the right accessories for your bridal look is a tough challenge. You have to consider lots of different factors at once and to fit into a specific budget. You should seek some help from your friends and family when it comes to choosing, and certainly consider these few tips.


Less is More

Do you really need a necklace, earrings, tiara, veil, gloves, a sash and an embellished gown all at once? All those accessories in one outfit make it a little bit over-the-top and you will need to prioritize. Choose your accessories according to your dress, its decorations and colors. Sometimes, with a specific d├ęcolletage you will either choose a simple necklace or some statement earrings, but rarely will you need both. If your gown is simple, you can accent it with a statement necklace and glamorous hairstyle. But if your dress has a more complicated and decorated design, the rest of your outfit should be simple and toned down.

The Right Shoes

Finding the right shoes is tough, especially because there are millions of styles. Besides that, there are colors and heel heights to think about and there to you have hundreds of choices. The best starting point when choosing the perfect bridal shoes is their stability and height. If you do not like high heels you can always opt for kitten or French heels which you can later easily wear on other occasions. But if you like wearing heels then the pumps or stilettos are your comfiest choice. Regarding the colors, you should always choose the one that complements the gown. But the two most important elements of your shoes are their stability and comfort. You do not want your feet to hurt while you are dancing and walking. You have to maintain a perfect smile the whole time and simply be happy, and not think about your tired feet.

Perfect Headpiece

There are tons of choices for the headpieces ranging from traditional to extremely modern looks. If you are a traditional kind of bride, then simple veil that complements the whole dress is perfect for you. However, if you like it funky, you can wear a bridal blusher with an ostrich feather, or a floral garland, sparkling tiara or simple headbands and decorative combs. Do whatever you think is the best for your personality and taste. You can even choose a simple white veil for the ceremony and a glamorous bold headpiece for the after party and have two completely different bridal looks.

Wedding Gloves

Bring back the old-style wedding and add elegant gloves to your bridal look. But, you cannot choose just any gloves for your outfit. If your dress already has sleeves, then you should wear gloves that are wrist or elbow length. But if your gown has simple sleeves or no sleeves you can opt for elegant over-the-elbow length gloves. The best materials for this accessory are satin, silk and lace and the colors vary from white to cream, depending on your dress color and the rest of the accessories.

Even though many brides tend to over decorate their gowns and hair, there is no really need for that. You will be in each and every photo of your wedding and you do not want to regret looking tacky. Be simple and tasteful and you will not have to worry about anything.

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